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We are always working to find new ways to help make our homestead more natural and better for our overall health. Essential oils and reusable cloth products are a great alternative. Essential oils, hand dyed luxury cloth menstrual pads and organic reusable cloth are our main product lines. However, we hope to expand our helpful products as we grow in our knowledge about a healthier way of living.

To learn more about essential oils and all they can do to help you live a more healthy, natural and environmentally friendly lifestyle, contact me, join our Homestead Facebook page, or learn more on our Doterra page. Here you'll find classes about essential oils and bits of our every day life on our little prarie homestead.

We offer two different online shopping choices, information to help you make the switch to reusable cloth pads, testimonials from women just like you, and a bit of history about how this came to be.

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