Yes, you read that right!

Homestead Emporium is going to be giving one of you, a $100.00 Gift Certificate for our shop!

Why, you ask?

Well… we here at Homestead Emporium, would like to play a game and we want lots of participants!
That’s where you all come in!

As some of you already know, we are trying to sell our hobby farm so that we can obtain our life long dream of a ‘real’ farm, a much larger farm. The waiting is starting to become a little unendurable. It’s been almost 2  years  off and on now (I mistakenly put almost 3 years, but dh reminded me we first actually listed the house 2 years ago, that we started getting ready to sell, 3 years ago) and I think it’s time to have some fun with this whole waiting ‘game’. You know what they say… “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” Well, I’m no good at making lemonade, but I make a pretty darn good pad and many other great organic family products too, so I thought since I can’t  possibly invite you all over for some lemonade, why not offer up some products, for free?!

This ‘waiting’ is what got me to thinking. This has been some what like a pregnancy, a very LOONNNGGG pregnancy mind you. Even my longest pregnancy at exactly 42 weeks didn’t feel quite as long as this waiting has been going on! But we’ve hung in there, and we’re still hanging in there, however this year feels different. We’ve had quite a few people out to look at the place who really seem to be looking for what we have to offer here. This has given us renewed hope!

With that in mind, I started thinking about how much fun it is to play the guessing game when a woman is expecting a baby! And I thought to myself… “Why not have a Guess the Closing /Sale Date, game?!”
So then my husband and I discussed what type of prize to give away. At first I said 50.00, but he said, “nah, that’s not enough if someone wants a post partum package, or is in need of the larger pads” (yes, my dh talks pads and yes, I realise that may not seem ‘normal’ to some but he doesn’t care. lol) So I suggested $100.00 to the winner then, and he agreed this was a good prize. 🙂 Then he said he didn’t think I should have the contest, seeing as our track record is 2 years off and on of an unsold house. He worried  that I may look a little silly if the house doesn’t sell, but I assured him that I am quite accustomed to looking the fool in life, and quite comfortable playing that role. I figure if I can’t have fun with these types of things, then what’s the point?! It’s either laugh, or cry, and I’m just not much of a crier! So I’ll make up some fun instead. 😉

How do you enter this contest?

Simply post here, your best guess, as to what our closing date will be for the sale of our house/hobby farm!

What are the rules?
How will you be sure that someone will actually win if our house remains for sale forever???

This was a question I had to ask myself of course. With our previous ‘non-sale’ for the past almost two years, there is a chance that maybe the house won’t sell this year either! If that’s the case, then we will end this contest on the last day of September, and we will draw a winner from all those who have entered the contest! There will indeed be a winner, no matter if the house sells or not!

So give us your best guess!
But first, here are some tips.
The contest will close by September 30th, and we’ll likely take our home off the market shortly after that if it doesn’t sell by that time. Because of this,  it would be wise to guess a date between now, May 17th,  and November 30th. That’s about as late a closing date as we’d be able to accept, for this year. Anything between May 16th 2009 and November 30th 2009 is fair game! You pick a date and mark it as yours. If more then one person chooses the winning date, we will draw between those names for the winner.

The winner will be the person who guesses the closing date. This is the date that we leave this property and hand it over to the new owners. Because we are waiting upon those new owners to ‘arrive’, it will be up to them to decide on that date, it will not be our decision so your guess, is as good as ours and that’s what makes this so much fun!

As usual, if you would like to enter our contest again, then spread the word!
Just leave a second comment, with a second date AND a link to where you spread the word about our $100.00 gift certificate give away! It’s that easy! You can spread the word on your own blog, your twitter, your facebook, your favorite message board, where ever you please! It’s that easy. :


Onto other news!

We have stocked the shop! We’ve got gorgeous “Eclectic Rainbow” packages, including The Ultimate Post Partum Package!

“Royalty” Sampler Package

“Teeny” Ultimate Package

“Deep” Light Pads

And a whole lot more!

Come and check it out and see all the previews, then come back and shop on Tuesday evening at 8pm EST, 5pm PST!

We hope to see you then! 🙂