School began today!

Wish I could say it was a great day, but… when teaching my most difficult ‘learner’, things can get a little stressful, but, we had our first day and it’s over and hopefully tomorrow will be better. I think I need to learn to ‘breathe’ a little more while teaching that one particular child. 😉 If I had more hours in a day, we’d do two classes, one with just the one child, the other with the other three school aged kids. Wonder if I can buy more time somewhere…?

I shouldn’t make it seem like it was ALL stressful, it wasn’t really. We did have some fun too. Even tried out our ‘new-to-us’ microscope. I’ll just remember to relax a little more tomorrow, breathe a little more, and hopefully it will go better. 🙂 I honestly do not know how teachers do it with so many children in their classrooms if one child is at a different pace from the rest!

In other happenings though, hubby and two of the girls picked up chicks today! It was a nice way to ‘end’ a stressful first day of school.

Speaking of chicks. Remember those ducklings? Here’s some pics I snapped today of them now.

And to think, it wasn’t too long ago they were just a handful like our new chicks!