I thought I’d share a peek into a typical day here at the Homestead.

First off, one should know we are not early morning people. You would think with all our animals that we would be, but they are all accustomed to the feeding schedules we have in place for them all that requires us to not be up ‘too’ early. lol I am a night owl and with homeschooling, it seems our children have inherited this trait. It’s always worked out fairly well for us. We don’t sleep in super late, but you won’t often see us up before 8 am, unless it’s because of a work schedule etc. as this past Monday, when I had to be up at 5:20 to get my eldest daughter to work before 6 am. Yikes. lol I saw the sunrise, well, I would have if it hadn’t been so dreary out. lol

Anywho, today was a typical day around here so I thought I’d share.

First off, I woke up and most mornings I usually spend some quiet time in bed reading for a few moments each morning and mentally going over what I need to do that day. During this time the kids wake up and one of my daughters (usually Alesia or Julia) will bring me a cup of coffee after they’ve gotten up and at it.

Animal chores are done first, right now there are 5 horses to feed and Alesia (19), Joshua (almost 17) and Julia (10.5) usually do the morning feeding. Elsa (12.5) and Shaylah (10.5) will let out the hens and ducks, check for eggs, clean out the water dishes and check on their feed. We have 9 hens, 3 muscovy ducks and 4 khaki campbell ducks. The muscovy’s lay eggs, but the other 4 ducks are still young and do not. We’re not quite sure yet if they are boys or girls. Sadly, I think three are boys and this may mean they’ll fight come spring. Right now we’ll do more research and then kind of ‘wait and see’.

alesia horses

Then there are 2 rabbits to be fed, one is Shaylah’s, a typical rabbit named Bugs and the other is Julia’s and is a German Lop who’s about 12 or 14 pounds (VERY BIG) named Snowball (he’s all white!). Right now we also have 11 chicks to be checked on, fresh water given to and feed checked.
At the same time, they usually throw out some scraps and/or hen scratch for all the hens and ducks. They love this and come running to the fence when they hear someone coming in hopes of goodies. Free range is a big thing right now, but we have all sorts of large birds around here such as eagles, hawks, owls and even vultures. We also have minks and racoons so we don’t dare allow our birds to range free. Instead they have a nice big run with a net covering over it, and a good sized hen house. Some times we’ll let them out if we’re going to be right close enough that no animal would dare come by but for the most part they stay in their run.

While chores were being finished up and breakfast eaten, I checked on some emails and did some work online. At 10:30 I took my eldest daughter to work, came back home and said goodbye to my hubby and son who were on their way out the door to go stain a deck they were working on.

Once back home Julia helped me make a healthy smoothie before we began school.

Frozen fruits, yogurt, milk, ground flax, omega oils, honey, real vanilla and usually some frozen spinach but I didn’t have any this morning.

Yum! The really big cup is Julia’s, she LOVES her smoothy which is why she always helps me make them. The other two, not so much. Elsa likes the taste but hates the strawberry seeds (she says they feel like she’s drinking bugs, one day I’ll share some more about that lol) and Shaylah would simply prefer to just eat the fruit rather then drink it. lol So those two have smaller cups. 😉

We sat down at the table to tackle our school for the day. Today we worked on math, reading, writing, and spelling.

We don’t usually cover every subject, every day. I think that’s pretty normal?

And yes, my table usually looks pretty much like that when we do school every day. Since we just have the one table in our home, it does get cleaned up after school but during school, it’s pretty much a mess.

It doesn’t seem to distract them from their work though. 😉

This little thing however, DOES try to distract us ALL from our work.

This is Jasper, begging me to let him up on my lap while we’re doing school. Sorry Jasper, not right now! lol

I shared on our first day of school that it didn’t go so well. Well the last couple of days have gone much better.

Call me a bad mom, but I’m using bribery now with my most difficult learner. Joshua (ds) has an xbox that the girls LOVE to play with when they get the chance. I decided to bribe this difficult learner with the privilege of playing on the xbox once school and chores are done “IF” there is no arguing with me. Oh my… why didn’t I think of it sooner? She’s SO into games, this has worked out perfectly! I hope it sticks because schooling her is SO different when she has a reason to co-operate rather then fight me! lol Makes things much more enjoyable for everyone. All three of them even scored 100% on their spelling tests today! 🙂

Once school was complete we put everything away, Elsa took Jasper outside for a quick walk on the property and checked on the chicks. A couple of them are not doing so well, they each have bruised a leg, not sure if it happened in their travels or what? Hopefully they’ll be ok. And yes, I’ve been skirting the topic, these chicks are meat birds. And yes, it is difficult to raise cute little chicks knowing they will not be pets, but, this is one of the big reasons we wanted a homestead, to be more self sufficient and to know what we are feeding our family, and because of that, this is a fact of our lives.

Soon it was time to feed the horses again, this time Julia and I went out and fed the hay. This was the biggest reason for us wanting to move to more land. Our land here can not provide grazing for our horses so we have to feed them hay three times a day and then grain twice a day. I used to dream of big rolling pastures and the horses running through the fields of hay. LOL But I know we’re blessed to even have horses, so even though the dream is no longer, I still have a dream come true in having horses. 🙂 There was a time I thought that would NEVER be possible!

Once we were done tossing some hay to the horse, it was time to get out to the cabin/studio to do some work!
Today I needed to snap photos of some products for an upcoming ‘guest spot’ at another shop before the sun shifted and my good light would be gone.

While I worked on these, the girls cut out some cotton balls. Then it was time to sew. While I did the sewing, they played on the xbox as promised earlier.

Later in the afternoon they got some eggs ready for sale and set up their little table. That’s Levi, one of our two Shelties. Such great dogs! I always recommend this breed to anyone wanting a dog that’s great with children. If they grow up with children, they really are awesome. Shiloh, our other Sheltie, ALWAYS follows our son EVERYWHERE. Levi prefers the girls and is always with them. He wasn’t enjoying the camera too much though. lol

The girls sell their eggs from the driveway where I can see them while I continue working.
They are so proud of themselves. They wanted to save up enough ‘egg money’ to purchase all day ride passes for the fair, and today they hit their mark! Just in time too, the fair is on Saturday. They hope to sell another couple dozen tomorrow for some games. 😉 Shaylah was the most surprised and said to me, “Thank you for believing we could do it Mama!” I knew they could, she wasn’t so sure. lol

At about 5:00 it was time to go back inside to make dinner. Shaylah helped me cook up some steaks on the stove top while Julia sliced up some onions and Elsa got the table ready. Just before dinner was done, dear hubby and son pulled in from work.

Camera Plus

(cell phone picture, not so great lol)

We were going to be tasting our side of beef for the first time, and that was kind of scary. LOL That first bite has a lot weighing on it. You know if it’s not to your liking, you’re stuck with it until the freezer is empty again! Thankfully, it was good. We’re considering raising our own beef next year, maybe one or two miniature herefords. Still researching at the moment though. Trying to decide if we (mostly me and the girls) can handle having an animal for over a year before it goes to ‘market’. The largest animals we’ve done so far were pigs and that was kind of difficult but we just kept reminding ourselves that these were NOT pets. Hopefully we could do the same with cows. We’ll keep pondering that one over the winter and in the mean time, I’m hoping we may be able to see some at the fair this weekend.

After dinner it was time to edit those photos I took earlier today and upload them. I finished editing just in time to go pick up my eldest daughter from work just after 8:00. The photos uploaded while I was gone. Elsa had a quick bath so she could wash her hair so I can trim her hair here in a bit. While this was taking place, I paused for a few minutes to snap some photos of the gold sky outside tonight. We have a great view from our small upper balcony!

I absolutely LOVE that this is my view from my work desk in the house.  Zoomed in, you can see the mountains in the distance.

Now I’m writing this after getting the twins off to bed and I should go, it’s time to trim that hair of Elsa’s. It’s 10pm and those twins had better get to sleep soon! I hear them giggling, no sleep yet, tsk tsk! In the meantime, dear hubby and son are out changing the fuel filter in dh’s truck.

And that’s a fairly typical day here during the week. There’s other things that go on such as more sewing, sewing, and yet more sewing, more product photos, lots of emails to attend to, more computer work, more animal play, cooking, and sometimes even a little baking, but that’s a peek into a typical day here on the homestead. 🙂