I saw this on a friends Facebook and love it.
All my life I’ve wondered how anyone could ever be ‘bored’. Certainly not for lack of opportunity to DO, and LIVE, for that only comes from lack of willingness to think, and look beyond ourselves. We must make ourselves aware of life around us.

If I were ever bored, I would do some baking and go give it to someone. If I didn’t bake, I’d make a sandwich, or even buy some food, and go give it to someone.

If I had no ability to bake, or money to buy something to share, I’d go for a walk, with my eyes open to my surroundings and the needs around me. I’d go pick up litter. We’ve actually done this.

There’s much too much to do in this life to be bored! If you’re bored, find an adventure. If you can’t find one, create one!

If you still can’t come up with something to do, go ask someone else how you can help them. An elderly neighbour, or a new mom.

This is just my opinion, but allowing boredom to make a place in ones life is a dangerous open door for something else. Depression.

I’m not saying if you get bored you are depressed, or if you are depressed you are just bored.

I’m simply saying, don’t let yourself fall into a trap of feeling ‘bored’. If you force yourself to DO something instead, especially for someone else, only good can come from it.

If you allow yourself to sit and be bored, it helps no one, most especially not you.

And please, do NOT allow your kids to be bored, or to say they are bored. If they are, or say they are, take them by the hand and open their eyes to the world around them, including the needs of others.

If a child is old enough to be bored, they are old enough to help someone.
It begins with us parents. We can change our children’s expectation to be entertained into an expectation to be a help when there is nothing else to be done!

I have five children (6 as of July 15th!!). The eldest is 21, youngest are now 13. Boredom has never been a part of our lifestyle. Don’t let it be a part of yours.

You may say, “But you live in the country, on a homestead…”

In the past 23 years we have lived in a bachelor suite, a basement ‘apartment’, in a small town, in a large town, on a city lot, on 5 acres, and now on 18 acres.

We have lived in Ontario, on the west coast of British Columbia, and now in the rural prairies of Saskatchewan.

We have been financially well off, and we have been flat broke, and everywhere in between!

We have had a stable lifestyle, and we have had very rocky rough times. Even in our marriage.

Your place, space, funds available, surroundings, and/or situation in life do not cause boredom.

Only YOU are capable of ‘causing’ boredom in your life.