This is a very difficult post to write, and one I almost don’t want to share but you’ve all been through this long road with us and it just doesn’t feel right not to share the conclusion. Please keep in mind this has been difficult, and not an easy subject. I know things can seem faceless on the Internet, but we are a real live family, travelling a rough road, and gentleness is needed.

We want to share that the adoption process has ended for our family, and our adoptive ‘son’ no longer lives with us. Since he is a ward of children’s services, we are not legally permitted to share much information about why. However, we would like you to understand as much as we can share.

Due to his past, there were issues that we had really hoped were environmental, something that would not be an issue once he was in a stable home with a loving family. However, a recent incident brought to light just how deep the issues actually are. Children’s services stepped in and immediately searched out the right place for him to receive the help he needs.

Thankfully he understood that he needs help, agreed to treatment and went willingly. We truly hope all he learned while being a part of our family will help him head down the right road to his future. Be praying for him, and also that he receives the support he needs. We know this is hard for not just us, but his biological family too. Be praying for them as well.

The fact that the outcome of this adoption can not be as we had all hoped does not change who we are as a family, and we hope no one makes assumptions due to the lack of information we can provide. We still believe strongly in adoption. We do not regret trying to give him a ‘real’ family, and having him be a very real part of our daily lives. We hope the memories made here will last him a lifetime. We have to come to grips with letting go and letting God. We thank you all for your prayers and support while we travelled this road, and, as we adjust to life as it now is.