*Re-sharing an old post because it’s that time of year again. That time when my babies turn another year older and I prepare my heart to accept it yet again. 🙂
This year they are turning SIXTEEN!
I’ll share some new photos soon.

It’s our twins birthday on December 8th.

twinbabesdec 1999

Every December is a time of HUGELY mixed emotions for me, ever since our twins turned 1 year old.


Knowing these two would be our very last children makes their birthday so very VERY bittersweet every.single.year.


Yet, I don’t want to dampen the joy of watching these two grow into such beautiful young girls!


They bless my heart SO much!


I struggle DAILY from the time Dec. 1st hits.

Twins 4

My babies are not allowed to grow up.


I keep telling them this…


yet they don’t listen.


They are such rebellious young girls!


Last year was REALLY hard. They hit DOUBLE DIGITS!

My BABIES were not ALLOWED to hit double digits!

Babies do NOT turn double digits! It’s impossible! It just can not be so!

And yet…


with every passing year they grow.


And my heart grows….


And grows…


How is it possible, that one woman, one mother…

Silly Sisters

that I, could be so incredibly blessed as to have these girls be a part of her daily life?

With every passing day…
the blessing of it all
…just blows me away.