On the Willard Homestead facebook page we’ve begun a morning declutter challenge.  I’d love for you to join us!

I mentioned in a previous post about the life phases changing in our home now that the youngest three have graduated. Other things will finally have their turn.
Decluttering our home, and thus our daily lives, is the first item on the list!


New phases of life, mark new beginnings. 🙂
I feel like some of the new beginnings need to happen in order, and decluttering and simplifying our home is the first of many steps.

Yesterday we began, Today we’ll have our second round. If you would like to simplify your life and have some accountability partners, join us!

Years ago some of us homeschooling mom’s would gather in a group chat and have timed cleaning sessions. This is where the idea came from for a timed decluttering session each morning.

The goal is to declutter for 45 minutes, and then meet back for a 15 minute ‘coffee break’ to report back what we accomplished and simply chit chat for some fun before we carry on with our day. This may evolve into something more, or something different, as time goes by. I’d love to have more of you join us, so don’t be shy and come by and say hello!

We’re meeting at 10am cst/9am pst/8am est. It’s difficult to find a time that works best for everyone, so this is simply the time I picked for now. It’s also not neccessary to use that 45 minutes to declutter. If you’d prefer to use it as a cleaning session, by all means, join in for that too! When we did our cleaning sessions years ago, we’d get the kids involved too, whenever they were not busy with school work. 🙂

If you can’t join in at that specific time, then join in whenever you can and feel free to comment on that day’s Check In post on the Willard Homestead facebook page
his is meant to be fun and encouraging. Just a way to keep one another accountable to accomplish the things in our lives that we’re aiming for. For us right now, that’s a clutter free home!