About our cloth pads, part 2… continued from my previous post here: All about cloth pads part 1

*You can find more information on most of our pad sizes and styles here: http://hyenacart.com/HomesteadEmporium/269/info/571/Pad-size-description-and-price-list

Today I’ll be continuing to share about each size and style of cloth pads we offer.

The last and largest liner size that we offer is our Light Wrap Wing pad which is approx. 8 inches in length. These pads/liners, like the light comfort contour and tiny liner are good for a light flow and light incontinence. They are also great for teens/preteens and smaller framed women. The width of this pad works well with wider undies on it’s wider snap setting.

*I should note here that I can actually customize any of our sizes for any flow. If you are wanting a longer liner, I can use any of our sizes from our 6inches all the way up to our 18 inch pads, and turn them into a light flow pad or any other type of flow pad for that matter! I have customers who prefer teeny tiny pads in regular flow, so I make pads the size of our 6-8 in liners with extra absorbency in them. Some prefer really great coverage, but they don’t really need a ton of absorbency, so for those customers I create our longer and/or wider pads in lighter flow absorbencies. The absorbency can be changed in all of our pad sizes. These are custom orders though, and require a longer turnaround time than our instock pads.

ONE Light Wrap Wing Pad - "mystery"

Below is a comparison photo of our four main wrap wing style pads, from right to left:
Heavy Flow Wrap Wing Pad, Regular Flow Wrap Wing Pad, Light Flow Wrap Wing Pad and our PantyWrap.

Back of wrap wing pads with wings snapped shut. Each pad has two snap settings for a more custom fit.

The same pads but showing the backs with the wings snapped on their widest settings.

The Heavy Flow Wrap Wing Pad is approx. 11 inches long and 3.2- 3.75 inches wide depending on which snap you use. This pad is great for those days and nights when your flow is fairly heavy. It’s a ‘work horse’ of a pad, as I call it. I personally use this pad on my heaviest flow days when I need to be away from home. My flow is extremely heavy though, so I often use heavy flow wrap wing pads with an additional layer of zorb, like these pads below, I add an extra row of stitching on our pads with zorb, so that it’s easier to tell which pads in your stash have that extra absorbency:

TWO Heavy Flow Wrap Wing Pads - WITH ZORB & PUL
*All our pads except for our thong liner and halfwrap liner, come with two snap settings for greater customization of our widths.

ONE Regular Flow Wrap Wing Pad - "mystery" ONE Regular Flow Wrap Wing Pad - "mystery"

Next is our Regular Flow Wrap Wing pad at approx. 9.5 inches in length and 2.8-3.5 in width depending upon which snap setting you use.
This pad is another one of my own personal favorites and comprises the largest portion of my own regular flow personal stash. It’s trim, provides great coverage, and the contoured inner layers still provides me with a good ‘forming’ to my body for extra comfort. This style has an absorbent layer that goes right through/over the wings along with the water resistant backing layer. This particular style of pad with the PUL backing is as trim as a disposable pad. If I am going to be out and about and not sure a regular flow pad will quite do the trick, I love these with an additional layer of zorb.

The regular flow wrap wing pad is the best option for those who have a regular-moderate flow, but find they still have a little too much ‘gushing’ that travels to the sides of their pads to trust a narrow pad. This is also a great pad for postpartum after your flow has tapered down. Great for going out, especially with the pul backing (and even better with an extra layer of zorb!), because it’s very discreet and not bulky whatsoever! Although we do our best to make sure none of our pads are bulky. 😉

The next four pads I’m going to discuss is our Ultimate line of pads, as our customers like to call them!

Back of ultimate pads with wrap around wings with wings snapped shut. Each pad has two snap settings for a more custom fit.

Here’s front, and back, of these four pads. Right to left:
The UltiMax Pad, UltiMax Slim Pad, UltiMini Pad, and UltiMini xs Pad.

I’m going to describe these pads from smallest to largest.

TWO UltiMini xs Pads - "storm"

The UltiMini xs pad is our narrowest trim regular flow pad. This pad is approx. 10 inches long which is a little bit longer than our regular wrap wing pad, however, the design and fit of the pad makes it feel, and fit, MUCH smaller. The inner layers are the same absorbency as our other regular flow pads but the fit is much narrower with shorter inner layers to reduce bulk even further, yet still providing great absorbency where it’s needed most. This pad is all about design and comfort. The UltiMini xs is great for smaller framed women, teens, preteens and those who simply do not want any bulk what so ever! We do not make this with a pul backing due to the curves of the design, and the lack of stretch in PUL backing. This particular design is also VERY discreet without the PUL though. If you find other pads are too bulky and a little more pad then you need, try the UltiMini xs, it may be the perfect fit for you!

TWO UltiMini Pads - "turquoise gold"

Next in absorbency is the UltiMini Pad at approx. 12 inches long and 2.75-3.25 inches wide depending on which snap setting you use.
This particular pad is by far a customer favorite for heavy flow. It has the extra absorbency and coverage needed by those with a true heavy flow, however, like the UltiMini xs pad, the design of this pad makes it feel and fit just right and causes it to feel like a lot less pad then it really is! Again, due to the curves of this pad and the lack of stretch in PUL, we do not make this pad with a pul backing. It’s still very trim with our windpro fleece though.

~New product- The UltiMax slim! with PUL- Set of TWO- "berry burst"

After our UltiMini pad comes the UltiMax Slim at approx. 15 inches long and 2.75-3.25 inches wide depending on which snap setting you use.
This pad is all about comfort and coverage! Especially for night time, yet still discreet enough in it’s design to be used during the day as well. This is the only pad in our very heavy flow designs that can be created with a PUL backing, as shown in the photo. There is just enough stretch for the larger curves of this pad to make it work, causing this to be a true favourite among those who really love PUL backing and have a very heavy flow!

TWO UltiMax Pads- "forget me not"

The UltiMax pad is an excellent pad for those with a very heavy flow. It is approx. 16.5 inches in length and 3.25-3.75 inches in width, depending upon which snap setting you use.
Also a really great pad for postpartum, providing great coverage and absorbency during busy nights, whether you toss and turn a lot, need to be up and about to care for baby, or because you are nursing baby through the night. This pad will keep you very well covered all night long!
Remember, you can view all of our pads with information about their sizes and styles here: http://homesteademporium.com/products/pads
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I will carry on with the remainder of our sizes in another post some time soon! 🙂

What’s your favourite style/size? Do you have more than one fav?