Still on the topic of health… speaking of statins.
The article linked below speaks about just a few of the very many reasons that I didn’t run straight to the pharmacy with a prescription in March when I was told I should begin taking meds to lower my cholesterol. I refused to go straight to meds when I knew changing my lifestyle would most likely be the much better and healthier option. There are way too many unknowns when it comes to medications. I am NOT against medication, I am totally NOT against doctors and medicine, I am VERY grateful for all the wonderful advances and lifesaving measures of all of the above. However, I am not of the belief that it’s ALL good, or ALL necessary, and I feel we are responsible to try and learn as much as we can about what ‘true’ health is, before agreeing to add medications to our bodies. This is why I decided to make lifestyle changes before agreeing to medications.
I don’t even know for sure if what I’m doing is the right choice ‘medically’ in the end, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it IS the right choice for me. I simply could not agree to medication that has a ‘possible’ side effects list as long as my arm, without first trying to better myself and my health through eating a proper diet and adding in more exercise.
Read & research for yourself (not just this article, I only read this one today after a friend sent it to me, I mean read LOTS of research, there’s PLENTY of it!) and THEN make up your own mind.
I’m not here to convince you of my opinion, I’m sharing my experience and choices to remind you that you ARE indeed permitted to make up your own mind after proper research and learning for yourself. Even talk to your doctor, tell him your concerns about taking statins, and show  him articles you’re reading and research that you’ve found. If he/she is a good doctor, they will welcome any and all concerns and be happy to discuss their reasons for and against. Take it all into consideration, and then decide after you’ve informed yourself.
Spoiler, from the end of the article:
“All told, we have here an unsafe, unnecessary product that will now be recommended to healthy people to make them sicker, all when simple, health-fortifying lifestyle changes have been proven to be effective and globally transformative in ways no pill could ever hope to be. Women, listen up, and listen good to those trying to save you from a pharmaceutical fate. It’s a depressing, confusing, libido-less, fat, and potentially lethal destiny, and there’s a path to vitality paved with common sense. Walk it.”
I promise, I’ll get off my health ramblings soon. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll lighten things up and bring you all sorts of photos of brand new baby animals here on the homestead!
Here’s a sneak peek of one. My new little lamb April. 🙂