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Who we are, at Homestead Emporium.

*photos of the Homestead Emporium family, and homestead!

Hello! I am Pieternella (also known as Peggy for those who prefer to NOT try and pronounce my real name…)
I am the woman behind the scenes here at the Homestead Emporium.

I love designing new products to help you & your family. Cloth Menstrual Pads and Organic products for the ‘Whole Family’ are our main product lines. However, we hope to ever increase our helpful products for you, your family, and your own homestead, no matter how great or small.

We are continually working to find new ways to help make our homes more eco friendly, cost effective, better for our overall health, and also very luxurious. Cloth products are a great alternative for the ‘Whole Family’, and that includes you!

*photos of Homestead Emporium Products and family!

Our family resides on a small homestead on the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada where we currently have horses, chickens, guinea hens, ducks, sheep, pigs, cats, dogs and two parakeets. Oh, and usually a frog … and a snake or two … We’ve recently made a big year(s) long transition from a 5 acre hobby farm on the west coast of Canada, to our 18 acre homestead on the prairies. Our adventure half way across the country to finally arrive to our homestead is over, but the fun has just begun. We’ve been working to fix up the barn and other outbuildings that have been left to themselves for many years. Our place was once a cattle farm, now it’s our homestead. We’ve developed a very large garden, have many fruit trees, and spend most of our summer days outdoors working on the property in one form or another.

When you purchase products from the Homestead Emporium, you can feel good knowing you are helping to support our desire to raise our family as self sufficiently and naturally as possible. Life isn’t always easy, I call our lifestyle a ‘peaceful chaos’, but it’s always worth it!

Homestead Emporium is a true family endeavor with each one of us playing our own parts in this business.

Who are the Homestead Emporium customers?

That’s an easy question to answer!

Our customers are people just like YOU!

*photos of Homestead Emporium customers!

People and families looking for alternatives to throw away products.

People who know there are better ways, better for their health, better for the environment, and in the long term, better for their pocket books!

Where are our customers?
Check out the Homestead Emporium map, and if you’re a customer, add yourself!

What are you waiting for? Go green…go reusable… go visit our shops!
We will be thrilled to have you come visit us on the web!

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