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  • New year rambles, goals, pigs, writing, walking and more

    It’s January 2nd, 2016, er, .. I mean, 2017 and we’ve done so much already. I’m tired just thinking about it.
    But in a good way. In a “I’ve got my list, and I’m getting things done” kind of a way.

    Speaking of lists, in the back of my prayer journal this morning I made up a list of goals I’d like to accomplish each month. I’m not real big on ‘resolutions‘, but I’m very big on goals. Not just on New Year’s day though, all the time. I actually LOVE Monday’s even, for this very reason. Monday’s are a chance to start a whole new week with a whole new set of goals!

    This year I’ve decided to break up my big goals into smaller monthly goals, which are kind of like bite sized pieces. For example, I’ve been wanting to write a book for some time now.  Pretty much my whole life really. The type of book I would write was never totally clear in my mind. I knew it would either be nonfiction, or some time of ‘self help’ book, as that’s simply the way my brain tends to be geared. But I wasn’t totally set on exactly what. The past while an idea kind of fell into my lap, or maybe slapped me in the face would be more accurate, so I’m running with it, and my goal is to write a new chapter each month. By the end of the year, I will have at least 13 chapters (I’ve already written the first one) and this is a very realistic goal for me. I work a lot of hours with my two home businesses ( and doTERRA) so I feel I need to set small bite sized goals, rather than one big goal of simply – Write a Book.”

    My other goals are simple too, and designed to help me end the year off on a better, less rushed, slower pace of lifestyle than I normally tend to run at. I always AIM to live a slower paced life, but biting off more than I can chew causes a “rush hour”  panic much too often in my life. My whole list of monthly goals are:

    1 ~ Write one chapter each month
    2 ~ Make one homemade gift each month (these will most likely all be for Christmas, I never have enough time in the fall to finish them in time for Christmas!)
    3 ~ Sew myself one article of clothing each month (I have all the fabrics, and even the patterns, sitting here just waiting for me to finally sew for me!)
    4 ~ Learn how to cook/bake/create one new food each month (so much food stuffs that I want to learn, such as yogurt (made that today!), pasta, all types of breads, fermented foods, and foods from other countries, the list goes on and on…)
    5 ~ Walk 20 times each month (this is a big one for me, even though it’s the most simple! I LOVE being outside, yet if I don’t get out first thing in the morning, I tend to procrastinate and get busy with everything else. When I’m outside here on our prairie homestead, I honestly feel rejuvenated and refreshed every time. It always makes me feel a little like Eve in the garden of Eden. We are blessed with so much greenery, space, and even fruit trees and wildlife. I love walking, and talking with God. The gorgeous vast prairie views and silence are just the icing on the cake. When I spend too much time behind the sewing machine and not enough time outside, I feel it in my whole being. I must make walks a priority!)

    And that’s it, that’s my list. Pretty simple really. I think these bite sized chunks are doable. I know they are as long as I stick with them!


    Below is a photo from my walk this afternoon (just 19 more walks to go this month! lol).
    It’s cold in them these here parts, I tell you!

    I do love these types of winter days though, when the skies are bright ice blue, the hoar frost is on the trees, and the snow sparkles like diamonds in the bright sunshine!


    Before my walk I had been wrestling deer carcass in my freezer. I had to move it from one freezer to another, and it wasn’t co-operating…
    When you have many dogs (and cats, too many cats) and you let everyone know that you feed all those many dogs and cats a homemade raw food diet, you tend to have people offer you all sorts of things. Carcasses (is that even spelled correctly??) being one of those things. Deer, moose, antler, even a buffalo. We’ve dealt with them all. Not to mention the beef and pork bones we get on a yearly basis as well when it’s butchering time. One day we’ll do our own butchering, but that day will have to wait until hubby and I are not both working 50-60 hours a week.

    After my walk, and before I could make it back inside, I got coerced sidetracked into helping move pigs in the barn. We’re getting close to butcher time, and we’ve started breeding our sows, so it seems moving pigs from one pen to another is a weekly ordeal right now. Warmer weather would be nicer for this work, but you do what you have to do, when you have to do it. After getting coerced sidetracked from my leisurely stroll outside, into helping move pigs, I then was coerced sidetracked into pig poop scooping…

    By the time I got back into the house my legs and butt were numb… I had a numb bum…. yes, I said it. My kids will die of embarrassment now… we’ll call it payback.


    Anywho… here’s the yogurt I made!
    For over 20 years I’ve been wanting to make yogurt. My mom made it when we were kids, and I’ve been wanting to make it ever since. I’ve tried different ways several times over the years, and never had success. The last time I tried about 18 months ago, I ended up with absolutely perfect… cottage cheese! Who knows what I did wrong each time. lol But this time, I used my brand new Instant Pot, and had success, finally! Here’s the recipe/instructions that I used:


    One last photo from my walk. It’s almost time for bed, I can hear it calling me now…

    How about you? Have you created any goals, or resolutions, for yourself this year? I’d love to hear about them!

  • Saskatchewan, land of the living skies.

    Saskatchewan, land of the living skies.

  • Oh deer.

    On our way home from Good Spirit Lake last month, we came upon this lovely little family of deer.

  • A mother’s plan.

    A while back I came across a post in my facebook feed about a family of four girls who had their photo taken together every year, for years, in the same order. The photos began from the time the four were ages 15-25, and went on for the following 36 years. I thought this was pretty impressive and it got me thinking about my own children, and photography.

    Like all parents, we started with our first child snapping one photo after another. We have quite literally thousands of photos of Alesia, our eldest. When Joshua came along, life was a little busier with two but we still managed to get a fair amount of photos. Probably a more ‘normal’ amount of photos.

  • Living the glamorous life!

    This Jan. 1st I shared on Facebook that I was going to start walking, outside, every day! I asked if anyone would like to join me. Some did, hopefully more still will!

    So far we’ve walked outside for 30 mins every day.


    First day we walked the field, next day to the lake down the road and hubby joined us.


    Yesterday we started down the road towards the lake and soon turned around to the shelter of our treed yard. It was WINDY!


    Today however, we opted out of a walk in favour of something more glamorous.


    We scooped ‘poopsicles’ instead. I think the hour and a half of poopsicle scooping we did was probably the equivalent to a few hours of walking! Phew!

    Farm kids work hard, and no, it’s actually not glamorous, but it comes with benefits of extra fun!


    Lots of extra fun!


    And when we were all done, the horses were thankful.


    And we went in for some well deserved hot chocolate!

  • Northern Lights

    We had the rare opportunity to witness the Northern Lights on the last night of September!

    I’m not the greatest photographer when it comes to night time photos, I’ve still got LOTS to learn but I always like to at least try. Since I didn’t have time to set up a tripod, first I tried hand held.

  • The beach with Julia

    For anything in life to be truly worthwhile, you must add in that little side of fun!

  • Anniversary flowers

    These flowers were a gift from our eldest daughter, Alesia, for our 21st Wedding Anniversay on the 22nd. She knew I was feeling down about her dad and I being apart for so long, so she brought me flowers.

    She brings me flowers quite often. She knows that even though the flowers themselves won’t last forever, because I love snapping photos, they will still be captured forever in time.

    When I saw how pretty they were looking in my kitchen window, I decided to snap photos of them right where they were.

    I love how the sunlight was shining on them.

    Flowers, I love them all. My daughter knows this well.

    Thank you Alesia for thinking of me. You are indeed a blessing. Don’t ever forget that!

  • All creatures great and small.

    I was going through some photos on my camera card and came across these photos of some moths the girls had found on our front deck.

    They knew I love to snap photos of interesting things, so they called me to come take a look, and to bring my camera.

    *as you can see, they’ve developed my love of awesomeness too. hee hee.

    As I was looking through these photos, especially the ones that show the details of the moth,

    I found myself pondering whether I felt the moth was pretty,

    or ugly?

    In either case, I definitely find it fascinating.

    As I do pretty much all creatures.

    That is, until I got to the next photos. These were the very next photos on my card.

    This is one creature I consider pure ugly.

    Not at all fascinating, just ugly.

    A vulture.

    We see them periodically around here. One time, a few years back, we had three of them on the property. Each one sat on a different fence post at the horse pasture. One on each post, 1, 2, 3, ugly creatures. They all sat just like this one, wings spread out wide.

    I have to admit, THAT was slightly fascinating.

    But this single vulture on this day sitting in a dead tree overlooking our pasture?
    Fascinating? No. Ugly, and even disgusting? Yep.

    And when he finally flew away, I was glad to see him go!

  • I’m learning to take better photos

    Some time this past summer my mom and I attended a photography workshop.

    We were unable to stay for the entire day. Both of us needed to leave early, so we only had the opportunity to listen and learn from the two speakers, in a conference room. We would miss the afternoon “safari” lessons, the hands on part of the workshop.

    This was a bit of a bummer, but… it is the reality of busy people.

    We were both just very glad to even have the opportunity to attend a workshop and learn some things! “Groupon” had an awesome deal that we simply could not pass up, so away we went.

    Before we left Victoria, we made a quick stop at the harbour for a few photos!

    I love the harbour.

    My mom snapped this quick photo of me snapping photos of the ocean, with the family around. I couldn’t believe she used her point and shoot after we had just sat through that workshop!

    I snapped one of her taking pictures too.

    *my younger sister in the foreground, my mom snapping photos in the back.

    Since the workshop, I’ve felt much more confident in playing around with the buttons on my camera. My wonderful, wonderful camera (a Nikon D300) which I purchased used from an online friend a few years ago. This camera has been one of the best investments I have ever made. Not only does it help with my business, GREATLY, as it makes for great product shots, it also allows me to learn more about how to get great shots of what’s even more important to me,

    *my husband and three youngest girls checking out an old sailboat

    Great product shots are important… but life? It’s passing by me so quickly that I’m happy to beautifully freeze frame snippets with my camera here and there. We may not be able to go back in time, but we can relive the memories through photos.

    *my mom and sister

    The biggest change I’ve noticed though, by playing around with buttons recently, is the sunset photos I can finally achieve.

    I snapped a photo of how I ‘used’ to take sunset photos.

    And it was ‘ok’, the photo may even look pretty to some, but it always frustrated me that what I was seeing with my EYES, was not what I would see in my photos.

    That photo above, was NOT was I was seeing with my eyes that night.

    THIS is what I was seeing, and what I so desperately wanted to capture!

    The sky that night, it was amazing.

    I’ve become brave enough to play around with settings, get myself out of ‘auto’, and just keep snapping away until I get it right.

    And now, what I see in front of me for just a few short moments as the sun sets.

    I can keep forever, even after it’s faded and gone.

    I can’t tell you exactly what settings I changed, that was so different from how I used to take photos. I’m not real good at teaching others what I know. I learn simply by doing.

    What I can do, is tell you to get brave with your camera if you haven’t already. Read, read, and read some more. If an opportunity comes along to take a lesson, attend a workshop, or anything else that’s going to help boost your confidence, go for it!

    You’ll never regret getting better photos!