Someone recently asked what to do about their daughter starting her period, so I thought I’d write a little about that here on the blog.

I have four girls, ages 13-21. One daughter began shortly after turning 11! So very young! She happens to be our daughter with aspergers too, so that made it even more important to help her understand it was all fine, and normal. Thankfully, she’s a very black & white thinker, so I explained the facts and that was basically that!
The other three girls began at 12-13 years of age, each child is so unique!

Because I make cloth pads for a living (, my girls knew all about periods & pads long before they began their cycles. A couple of them even looked forward to starting because they had helped to make their very own pad ‘stash’! That made it a lot more fun.

I always suggest to those wanting to have their daughters try cloth, to let them in on the fun, either helping to make the pads with you, or at least picking out the fabrics, colours, ect. if they are being made by someone else such as myself! Teen packages is one of my favourite things to make!


Begin talking about periods while they are young! Don’t be shy, or scared, and they won’t be either. I honestly feel that talking with our children about the changes in their body is opening the door WIDE open for speaking to them later about all sorts of difficult topics from sex to drugs! It may be difficult at first, but do it! Force yourself to do it if you have to! You want your teens to be able to speak to you later on when tough choices begin! This is your chance to start a solid foundation right now! Grasp that opportunity and don’t let it pass you by!

If choosing to use disposables, I suggest the same as with cloth. Shop online together in the comfort of your home (we like In Canada, you get free ship, possibly the US too? Use our special coupon code while shopping the first time and you receive 10$ OFF a 40$ order!)

Let your daughter pick what she’d like to try. Maybe do a little shopping for some new undies too! If you can afford it, shop for a new outfit or some other special ‘grown up’ type of gift to celebrate! Be sure to add some special chocolate, and maybe some healing tea too, to help with any discomfort!


Make periods ‘normal’ and even a teeny little bit fun! You may find your own attitude about periods changing in the process too!