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  • Great list on homeschooling, by a public school educator.

    Such a mixed blessing it is, the good, and the bad, but that pretty much sums up homeschooling! That also pretty much sums up parenting! It`s the hardest thing we can do, yet the most rewarding as well!

  • Give away time here at Homestead Emporium!

    Give away time here at Homestead Emporium!

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  • Watering horses on a new homestead


    When you begin homesteading on a property that has not previously been used as a homestead, this is how you water your horses twice a day.

    Total grunt work.

    Between filling buckets and gallon milk jugs (in case of power outages, I fill all our milk jugs with water), I feel like I’ve been playing with water all morning!

    One day we will have water and power and even a nice barn, but for now, at least we finally have our horses home.



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  • A checklist to share with you.

    An after dinner checklist!

  • The Long Way Home continues…

    Some days I really question why I ever worry at all.

  • Butter tarts.

    Yesterday, Julia and I decided to have a ‘bake off’ and make butter tarts! We’ve never made them before, and I wanted to double the recipe but I know sometimes some recipes don’t double very well, so I asked if she’d like to do one batch as I do the other! The baking was ON! Julia may be just 12, but she can bake like the best if them!

    We had company coming, another family of 7, with 4 girls & 1 boy, just like ours, so one batch of butter tarts just wasn’t going to be enough. Plus, dh LOVES home baked goodies in his lunch, so leftovers are always a good thing!

    We didn’t have time to fuss around with finicky pie crusts so we decided to try a new one I found recently, the Wham Bam Pie Crust: Wham Bam Pie Crust

    Instead of vegetable oil, I opted to try olive oil, with much hesitation BUT the taste of the crust was excellent!


    I’m not sure this was the right crust for tarts, it tasted great but it took Julia and I forever, and a day, to shape that dough into each muffin tin ‘hole’. I will be using the recipe again for pie though, as I love the taste and shaping it into one pie pan would be much easier!


    The Butter Tart recipe itself came from a kids cooking book we have:


    The tarts turned out very tasty so this recipe will be our go-to from now on. I’m going to try the crust recipe from the book next time.

    Parents, if you haven’t begun to allow your kids into the kitchen to bake & cook with you, start now! No matter what age your kids are, and how much of a pain their messes may be. All our kids can cook & bake and some LOVE to do it very regularly, all on their own now! There’s not much better as a parent then eating the rewards of teaching your children in the kitchen! They’ll make you proud (even if they are messy!!) & it gives them great confidence, life skills, and lots learned along the way! It also gives them a way of blessing others. Julia often bakes for friends and get togethers!

    Christmas is coming, no better time to start!