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  • Twenty Two Years!

    Twenty Two Years!

    That’s how many wedded years my husband and I will be celebrating on Saturday, on our wedding anniversary! September 22, 1990 marks the day that changed our lives forever. When two, became one, in this journey of life and a new little family of two persons began. Twenty Two years spent side by side my best friend.

    It feels so special, that I feel like we should be celebrating for an entire week! I can’t stop thinking about it, can’t stop being in awe of it! Twenty two years isn’t any ‘special’ milestone like 10 years, 25 years, 40 years, or even 50 years but EVERY year is a special milestone because every year that we celebrate another year of our marriage, is another year we speak volumes with our lives.

    Our twenty two years speak loudly, that although, like any best friends we’ve had many ups and downs, we have chosen to tough it out, work through it, remain together, and find solutions to keep this marriage alive. But we’ve not been satisfied with just keeping it alive, we continue to aim for better, and better, until we can claim our best!

    Any married person, any person who’s ever had a close friendship, has family, children, or a spouse, knows that it’s no easy task, to hang on, and KEEP hanging on, through the tough times.

    To keep striving for better, together, and most of all, within yourself first and foremost. We take our vows seriously, through good times, AND bad. For better, AND worse. There’s been better, and there’s been worse. There’s been good times, and there’s been bad. Mix it all together and you have, what I like to call, life.

    Live lived, becomes life worth living! Fully!

    We’re passionate people, this husband of mine, and myself. I don’t mean just THAT kind of passion (although hey, that helps too!) I mean we’re passionate about EVERYTHING we believe in.

    We believe in us. We believe in marriage, and we believe in showing our children, through our own marriage, through our own lives, that marriage is worth clinging too, even through those hard times.

    And that is why we’re still together, and why we’ll be celebrating 22 years this weekend. Through a stubbornness which won’t allow us to give up! Because of a passion for one another, a passion for marriage, and a passion for raising our children by our own example, and most of all, through grace which has been given to us, and which we try our very best to freely give one another.

    Being married 22 years IS a reason to celebrate! And although it’s been a very rough last couple of years on our family, on our marriage, and our lives, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially, we ARE going to celebrate!! Because our marriage is worth it!

    I can’t wait!

    I can’t wait to spend some special time with this best friend of mine!

  • Our guest room/library.

    Our guest room/library, as it looks right now.


    Believe it or not, this is an ‘organized’ mess. Ha! It’s about half my homeschool books, as well as kids novels, etc., etc..


    We have company, my younger sister, coming to stay next week. Some how I feel she may prefer I finish this ‘organizing’ but I’m waiting on a back order of three bookshelves! They were on sale for 34.99. For 5 shelf bookcases, its a great deal! Of course at that price, they sold out quick! So I’m waiting…

    I’ve always wanted a library. I’m still not positive this room WILL be able to be a library AND guest room, as it is quite small. If theres any way we can make it work though, we will!


    Our treasury of boxes in this house becomes smaller by the day!

    And on another plus side, we thought we needed to buy new Bibles for a couple of the kids.

    I found NINE while unpacking. I think we can skip that shopping trip now.

  • It’s a frosty one this morning!


    Cool weather means outdoor dogs get to be inside. They never quite know what to make of it.

  • Sunday rambles.

    I haven’t had time to blog a whole lot lately so I’m going to give blogging on my iPhone with the WordPress app a try. We’ll see how that works! Time to actually sit at the desktop has been at a bare minimum and then I’m most likely printing & packaging orders.

    Today was another nice Sunday.

    I’m trying hard to especially enjoy Sundays in the midst of getting work done.

    I woke up early to put on homemade soup for company, and pulled out cinnamon buns that I had made last night, to bake after church. Then I made up the cream cheese icing, re-washed fabrics I dyed last night, so that they could dry while we were gone.


    We dropped the kids off for Sunday school and then I went with dh to work for an hour, he worked, I waited. During his week of night shifts he’s ‘on call’ over the weekend, which means going into work to restart things aprox. every 12 hours.

    We met back up with the our five kids at church, and after the service, we stopped to pick up a few groceries. Came home & had lunch & a nice visit with friends. Since having a ‘real’ home, we’ve been making it a point to entertain at least once or twice a week. During our last move we had many people who helped and we’ve been wanting to bless others as we have been blessed.

    After company left, Graydon (dh) had a nap before his night shift tonight, so I finished the fabrics & now I’m chilling while waiting for dinner to be ready. Sunday’s are Alesia’s night to cook. I’m enjoying that greatly!

    Tonight I’m sewing while dh heads off to work & the kids head out to play soccer. I can’t wait to cut into the newly dyed fabrics!

  • A guest post from Shaylah- Needle Felting

    This craft is simple and hard at the same time. I am not selling these ones, but I will be selling others in the future when I get more wool and needles.

  • Busy week.

    For now, we’re onto the next step of Our Long Way Home, in hopes this is one huge step to the FINAL step when we can finally make it our own.

  • $100.00 gift certificate give away contest!!

    Those of you who have been with us here at Homestead Emporium, at the blog, the business, twitter and facebook, may remember a GREAT BIG contest we had quite some time ago!

    A $100.00 Gift Certificate give away!

  • A park and the land of the living skies.

    Land of the living skies. Yup! That’s where we live now!

  • Amazing wildlife.

    Living here on the prairies in Saskatchewan, I knew my heart and soul would be blessed by the surrounding farm land.

    I love being creative, and creativity. Living in the midst of farms where baby animals are seen everywhere, fields of crops are beginning to sprout out of the earth, and all sorts of birds fly through the air, is like living in the midst of… well… creation!

  • Our Long Way Home – Part 6

    Upon arrival to our new homestead, there was lots to be done! We all unloaded both trailers and tried to make up ‘beds’ on the floors as best we could with just four mattresses between seven people, then we had a nap! The girls were so excited though that they got to work cleaning!