• Our Long Way Home – Part 5

    Once we made it to the mainland and off the ferry, we were really on our way.

  • In the meantime… our life right now.

    I thought I’d interrupt the story of Our Long Way Home with a post about our life right now. I guess it could be considered a bit of a ‘spoiler’ but there’s not a whole lot to ‘spoil’ at the moment and I’m becoming depressed just reading my own story lol, so I wanted to share some highlights!

    *Saskatchewan Beach! Who’d have thought you’d find this in the middle of the farm land!

    As I mentioned, we went for a sight seeing trip the other day. We’ve actually gone on quite a few of these since arriving here. Despite all the headaches and hassles, and the fact that our landlord says we’re supposed to be out by the end of June (even though we do have a lease, but he doesn’t want to deal with the health authorities list of health and safety compliance’s needed to be made) and today is May 31st, and we have NO idea where we will go…

    Despite all that. We LOVE it here. Absolutely love it.

    Graydon (dh) and I have determined, each and every day, to NOT allow all this ‘crap’ steal our joy. Believe me, it has NOT been easy. Even today we had to ‘kiss & make up’ for being snappy with each other this morning. Stuff gets to you after a while. Having no idea where your family will live in just 30 days time, that’s stressful. There’s no sugar coating that fact. With everything else that’s gone wrong in getting to today, it simply compounds the stress! But we have a choice. Allow it to consume us, or carry on the best we can and remain a team and keep our family together as one.

    So we’ve been making as many trips here, there, and everywhere as time, and finances (gas is expensive!) will allow, and simply to get away from the stress of day to day life right now.

    Yet, even simply being here on the homestead, as sad as we are that we are still not ‘home’, even simply walking the dog(s) out on the prairies with the breeze blowing, Graydon and I taking a quick spin on the quad, or listening to the kids get all excited about the two nests we’re watching (a duck nest of 12 eggs, and a robin’s nest of 4) or all the other discoveries they’ve made, is enough to just make me SO glad, each and every day.

    We ARE home, we ARE together.
    Saskatchewan, the prairies, IS our home.
    We simply have not been able to buy our homestead yet.

    We have to keep trusting that we will. Hopefully soon. We’ve decided that we have no choice but to put our homestead on Vancouver Island back up for sale and hope that maybe, just maybe, this time we can get a sale.

    In the meantime, we’ll simply do what we seem to do best.
    We’ll just keep on, keeping on.

  • Our Long Way Home – Part 4

    Goodbye west coast. It’s prairies, or bust, from here.

  • Our Long Way Home – Part 3

    From there, things just went from busy, to crazy.

  • Our Long Way Home – Part 2

    The horse mover was to show up Friday around dinner, after the house movers should be gone. In my hopes of preventing any issues with our five horses loading, I had booked a trailer to come at least a week beforehand so we could ‘practice’ with the horses.

  • Our Long Way Home – Part 1

    It had been a long and hard fifteen months. During twelve of those months, our family had been split apart with Graydon (dh) living and working first in northern Alberta on the Oil Sands, and then on the Prairies in Saskatchewan, working as an engineer. The rest of us, myself and the five kids, back on the Island doing our best to fill in the void left by Graydon/Dad being away while still keeping up with kids jobs, caring for the homestead, my own full time business, and the younger three girls homeschooling and care.

  • Our Long Way Home- Prologue

    How does one share all these negative trials, the difficulties, in a real, honest, way, while knowing all the while that there’s been so much blessing through it all, regardless of those struggles?

  • Meal Planning

    Life is busy! Having just moved, and now moving again by the end of June, (no, we still don’t know WHERE, still praying for a home & a miracle!) makes life even busier!

    However, I have 7 mouths to feed every day, ages 12 to adult, including three ‘men’!
    There’s no time to be TOO busy to create good, hearty, meals!

  • Name that feathered friend.

    This area has MANY bird species of all kinds. I look forward to spending many years capturing photos of as many as I possibly can!
    Do you like to bird watch? What’s your favorites? Have any photos you’d like to share with us?

  • I spent an hour with my camera outside last night, in my backyard.

    As I stood there looking through the camera lens, scanning all around me in search of the next shot, I would constantly pause and listen to the hustle and bustle of busyness all around me.