The Willard HomesteadThe Homestead, the Emporium and simple living on our funny farm.

  • Our Long Way Home – Part 2

    The horse mover was to show up Friday around dinner, after the house movers should be gone. In my hopes of preventing any issues with our five horses loading, I had booked a trailer to come at least a week beforehand so we could ‘practice’ with the horses.

  • Our Long Way Home – Part 1

    It had been a long and hard fifteen months. During twelve of those months, our family had been split apart with Graydon (dh) living and working first in northern Alberta on the Oil Sands, and then on the Prairies in Saskatchewan, working as an engineer. The rest of us, myself and the five kids, back on the Island doing our best to fill in the void left by Graydon/Dad being away while still keeping up with kids jobs, caring for the homestead, my own full time business, and the younger three girls homeschooling and care.

  • Our Long Way Home- Prologue

    How does one share all these negative trials, the difficulties, in a real, honest, way, while knowing all the while that there’s been so much blessing through it all, regardless of those struggles?

  • Meal Planning

    Life is busy! Having just moved, and now moving again by the end of June, (no, we still don’t know WHERE, still praying for a home & a miracle!) makes life even busier!

    However, I have 7 mouths to feed every day, ages 12 to adult, including three ‘men’!
    There’s no time to be TOO busy to create good, hearty, meals!

  • Name that feathered friend.

    This area has MANY bird species of all kinds. I look forward to spending many years capturing photos of as many as I possibly can!
    Do you like to bird watch? What’s your favorites? Have any photos you’d like to share with us?

  • I spent an hour with my camera outside last night, in my backyard.

    As I stood there looking through the camera lens, scanning all around me in search of the next shot, I would constantly pause and listen to the hustle and bustle of busyness all around me.

  • Bentley

    Shaylah’s puppy Bentley is very cute. He seemed to have a very rough go of it the first week with our family. But now he’s settling in very nicely and no longer whines a lot.

  • Old homesteads.

    Despite our housing ‘issues’ at the moment, we’re determined to enjoy our new surroundings as much as possible, every way that we can!

    Last night after dinner, before I headed back to work, Graydon (dh) and I hit the dirt roads on the quad.

    Remember this old house?

  • In the midst of trials…

    We’re keeping faith though. We must! At some point we WILL see the light at the end of this, seemingly never ending, tunnel!

  • New puppy on the Homestead & more on Saskatchewan.

    As we’ve been discovering, even the flat ‘barren’ land in these parts isn’t so ‘barren’ after all!