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    It’s almost time for the Dragon’s Den!

    Anyone who knows me well, knows I have an entrepreneurial drive. Of course, this means I love shows like the Dragons Den here in Canada, and the Shark Tank in the US.

  • It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Time to think about getting dirty!

    It’s that time of the year again!

    So many are saying winter is lasting too long and they can’t wait until it’s over. I say it’s going by much too fast! There’s so much to do before spring arrives!
    First and foremost on the agenda is planning and preparing for the garden!

  • Dyeing fabrics.

    The making of a product here at the Homestead Emporium

    (This is a repost of an older blog post from when we were still back in BC, we’ve since moved to the prairies but not much has changed except our work space is completely different, and Alesia no longer cuts for me, but still works behind the scenes putting up all our etsy listings. I now have another helper, Heather, who does all our hyenacart listings and Julia has begun helping me with cutting now that she’s just about 13 years of age. She’s been waiting a VERY LONG TIME (in her short 13 years!) to be a bigger part of the business! I swear this girl is going to take over Homestead Emporium one day, so watch out!)

  • DSC_2893

    Let’s talk about- liners.

    When I posted about my thong liner being featured on regretsy, it was all in fun. However, in reading the many comments on both of the featured posts, about the thong liner, and WHY would anyone even need one, it’s caused me to realize that there seems to be a WHOLE lot of misconceptions about liners!

  • A Riainbow of Light Wrap Wing Pads.

    Disposable pads vs. cloth

    Disposable pads vs. cloth: There is no comparison.

  • Cloth Pads Canada

    I’ve decided to make the switch, now what?

    So you’ve decided that you’re finally going to do it!

    You’re going to make that big switch, the switch from disposable pads, to cloth pads.

    Now what?

  • 20130704-091633.jpg

    My pad stash

    I’d like to share some of my thoughts, before I share pics.
    I contemplated making this post password protected. It’s not that I’m embarrassed in any way to share pics of my pad stash! It’s simply because I’m not naive.

  • Welcoming in the new year with a contest.

    *Contest is closed, we have our winners!

    Drum roll please…
    We have our winners!

    Kayla D on January 5, 2015 at 10:37 pm said:
    Oooh, I would love a package from you. I have several pads, and two sets of nursing pads—you make FANTASTIC stuff! Your pads and nursing pads are by far superior to other brands!!

    Heather B. on January 24, 2015 at 11:20 pm said:
    I love all of your products! I have one of (or perhaps THE) first quilt and it is one of my most treasured possessions! My kids are cuddled up with it as I speak.

    Congratulations Kayla D. & Heather B.!
    Email me at homesteademporium@gmail.com to claim your prize!

    This new year is a different one for us at the Homestead Emporium. Our main product line worldwide has always been our pads.

    However, we want to remind everyone that we’re not just all about pads.
    And with that, we’d like to offer you a chance to win a gift from us, open to all of you, world wide, including FREE shipping! Keep reading for details below!

    A Riainbow of Light Wrap Wing Pads.

    A Rainbow of Light Wrap Wing Pads.

    Since the beginning we’ve offered everything we could think of that was unique, and created with fabrics, to help our customers to live a healthier lifestyle.

    Homestead Emporium reusable cotton balls - cosmetic pads.

    Homestead Emporium reusable cotton balls – cosmetic pads.

    Our reusable cotton balls – cosmetic pads have always been a staple for many of our customers! While they may not be quite as creative as our line of pads, they are great for every day uses too numerous to count from cleaning off make up, to cleaning wounds, and some of our customers even use them for removing nail polish. I’ve even used them myself to patch an injured eye. You can’t get much gentler then bamboo velour for cleaning your skin or to aid in the healing process of ouchies.

    Hand Dyed Bamboo Velour Rainbow Quilt.

    Hand Dyed Bamboo Velour Rainbow Quilt.

    Our hand dyed bamboo velour quilts, another favourite luxury item of our awesome customers. What could be better then snuggling in the ultimate of softness?!
    Unlike their polyester fleece counterparts, bamboo velour blankets never make you overheated, but instead, simply cozy and warm.

    Bamboo Velour Custom Quilt.

    Bamboo Velour Custom Quilt.

    I’ve been working on my own bamboo velour quilt for going on two years now. lol My children’s quilts, and customers quilts, always come first. I’m determined to finish my soon though so I can stop ‘borrowing’ the ones I made for my girls.

    Bamboo Velour Baby Quilt.

    Bamboo Velour Baby Quilt.

    Perhaps I’ll have time to make more baby size quilts now too.

    Baby booties & lil'shroom mittens.

    Baby booties & lil’shroom mittens.

    Baby booties and mitts!

    Dyeing fabrics.

    Dyeing fabrics.

    We hope to offer hand dyed fabrics very soon too, possibly at this upcoming Friday’s stocking on our hyenacart, and soon after, in our etsy shop.

    Stack of fluffy dyed goodness.

    Stack of fluffy previously dyed goodness.

    We have lots of other products I’ve been wanting to stock recently as well, but we just haven’t had enough time in a day to get it all done. Be on the look out soon for more of the following.

    Luxury Cloths


    Super soft tissues.


    Lots more nursing pads!

    nursing pads



    Created not just to be a change pad, but to be used everywhere you’re trying to avoid big clean ups, like on your bed for night time feeds. In your toddlers bed when potty training.
    Those were the two main reasons I created the VersaPad, due to constantly changing bedding in the middle of the night, especially with our twins! Our VersaPads saved me SO much time and energy in the middle of the night!


    And last but not least, our pacifier blankets.


    The Poppetjie.


    Our handy little blankie that saves you countless hours searching for the all elusive night time pacifier.


    Our cloth pads will always be our main product line, but we hope ALL our customers will continue to enjoy all the other products we’ve created just for your family, from ours.

    *To enter into our contest for a completely FREE gift package from Homestead Emporium, simply leave a comment here, AND subscribe to our blog!
    It’s easy to subscribe, simply visit our blog’s home page here: http://homesteademporium.com/blog/
    And enter your email address into our SUBSCRIBE option found near the top right corner.

    To increase your chances in winning, share our blog with your friends and come back and let us know where you shared in another comment! If we receive lots of comments, and links back, we’ll increase the odds of winning by sending out MORE gift packages to MORE winners!

    The winner(s) will receive a complimentary set of facial cloths, a small bar of homemade soap, and more!

  • This is me, not making resolutions.


    Just last night I posted about how I don’t really make resolutions.

    However, I think our minds just can’t help but wander and ponder the topic of resolutions when the new year comes along, no matter how hard we might try not to!

    But here’s an example of why I don’t really do resolutions, no matter how much my mind may try to tell me I should do this one, or that one.

    My mind would like me to make a resolution to blog more regularly.
    However, what my mind does not realize is that it’s simply not that simple!
    It’s not as easy as just deciding, “I’m going to write more, because I really want to!”

    You see… in order for me to blog more often, I would have to figure out a way to create more hours in my day. I tend to be a painfully slow blogger… I’m not really sure why, I’m not sure if everyone is a slow blogger, or if I’m just special.

    A blog post can easily take me at LEAST an hour to put together. Quite often, if I’m blogging about a topic I need to research a little, or dig through my photos, it can easily take me 2 hours.

    So where, and how, can I just fit in 1 or 2+ hours of something extra into my daily routine?
    I’ve decided that the only way to do it would be to get up earlier then I do now.

    And thus begins my reason for not doing resolutions.

    One resolution of wanting to blog more then becomes a whole lo.oo.on.nn.ng list of even more resolutions. In order to keep a resolution to blog more, I will need to get up earlier. In order to get up earlier, I will either have to get to sleep earlier, or forfeit sleep. Since most nights I usually sleep no more then 6 or 7 hours, I’m thinking forfeiting 1 or 2 hours of that sleep may not be a great idea. I sew a lot, and cut a lot of fabric, and it wouldn’t be so wise to fall asleep at the machine or while slicing through some thick fabrics with my fingers nearby…


    Now that I’ve most likely seared a horrible image into your mind (I have a wild visual imagination, I should know better),  you see why I don’t do resolutions.

    A resolution is not just ‘a’ resolution. It really seems like a pretty good set up for failure. Unless of course you’re one of those rare people who have all the time in the world to rearrange every other part of your day in order to fit in all these new resolutions.

    Nah… I didn’t think so.

    However, I’m also not one to give up on at least TRYING to attain something I feel is important to me.

    I enjoy writing. I enjoy connecting with others through my writing.
    Besides, my one word for this year is ‘fear’ (overcoming fear) and one of the fears I have is to write without readers.

    So… I guess I’m not setting myself up for a resolution in wanting to blog more, I’m just working through my one word! Yay me!

    How’s your second day of the New Year going?

  • New Years Resolutions

    Bunny in our Barnyard

    Bunny in our Barnyard

    I’ve never been one for New Years resolutions.

    Instead, each year I like to choose one word that I feel my life needs to put into focus. Last year my one word was “joy”.

    This year, before 2014 was even close to being over, I felt a nudging towards my new word for 2015. Fear.

    Actually, it’s more like two words. Overcoming Fear.

    All my life I’ve had much too many fears. It’s been sort of embedded into my daily routine. I won’t bother to share the whole list of fears I have, most of them are more ‘worries’ and not true ‘fears’ but those worries continually instill fear into me and I’ve grown rather weary of it.

    I figure if I’m not able to tackle ‘fear’ at the age of 43, soon to be 44, then I will most likely succumb to my fears the rest of my life. I’m simply not ok with that.

    The first step I took in overcoming ‘fear’ this late fall was to teach Adult Sunday School.

    That’s a big one for me. I’m an introvert extraordinaire. I enjoy conversations, one on one, possibly one on two, one on three. But to speak in front of a group of people, and not just speak, but TEACH, was a very big step for me.

    But I did it, and I survived!

    I kept reminding myself that it’s a lot like a visit to the dentist. I could sit and stew, and stress, over every detail ahead of time and freak myself out real good. Only to feel totally foolish once it was over and it wasn’t as bad as I had stressed myself out to think it would be.


    I could simply study for the lesson I was teaching and not even allow myself to ponder on the fact that I would be speaking to a bunch of people, and everything that could possibly go wrong. Just focus on studying, learn what I needed to teach, and concentrate on how I was going to teach it.

    And that’s what I did. And I survived teaching a lesson. I taught Adult Sunday School twice actually.

    I quite enjoyed it.

    My next step to overcoming fear was to decide that this year I would participate in our church play. A speaking part even. Mind you, I only agreed to take on a very teeny tiny speaking part, but I was proud of myself regardless. I had never been in a play before (I don’t think being a part of the choir for Fiddler On the Roof many moons ago counts) so this was another big step for me.

    Again, I decided I could either fret and stress over being on stage in front of a church full of people and all the things that could go horribly wrong.


    I could simply study my line and think about my part, and how I would pull off being an old scribe. An old man at that! I even made myself a beard out of a head of hair from a waldorf doll kit I have.

    It turned out to be fun. I got to spend a lot of extra time with our twins Shaylah and Julia who both LOVE to act, and, I got to show them that no matter how old you are, no matter how long you’ve lived with a bad habit (my fears), you are never too old to change your ways.

    And guess what?

    I survived! I think I actually did alright too.
    Enough so that I may agree to a slightly larger speaking part next year…

    So that’s me getting a jump start on overcoming fears for 2015!

    How about you? Do you have an resolutions, goals, or plans for 2015?