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This feedback is long overdue. I contacted Peggy about having some cotton balls custom made. Even though she doesn\'t normally accept custom orders for those, she was more than happy to oblige my request. I couldn\'t be happier with them! They are much better than the disposable cotton balls. I own many of her pads and they are wonderful!
I bought my first pads from here two years ago, and I just wanted everyone to know that they have held up wonderfully and are STILL my favorite brand. I am in love with the velour ones. Don't be scared to try! You won't regret it.
I love my HE pads so much. My favorite are the UltiMax, even just for regular or heavy flow days because they aren\'t bulky and they provide amazing complete coverage for peace of mind. I can\'t believe I\'ve lived 30 years without these!! Will never go back and feel no need to shop around. I\'m a very happy customer and the service is over and above excellent.
Love the products and the website. I visit often. I don't know if there is a way that you can get all the pads findable according to the different styles. The style chart helps a lot, but it would be easier to see all the pads of the ultimate winged style and all the pads of the contours available in separate sections. Having said that, even if it takes longer to sort, I enjoy browsing and shopping at your site. So glad I found you. Thanks
I'm not a pad kinda girl, but after I gave birth I had no choice. The first 2 times I dealt with the disposable pads, but the 3rd time I refused and bought some HEs. I first had to find out what I'd need, and I got AWESOME advice. I fell so in love with my HE pads that I usually reach for them rather than my Diva Cup.
I have been using cloth now for about a year, and the changes it made in my cycle were shocking. My cycles changed from 7-9 days to 3-4 days. From a very heavy painful flow, to very light-moderate, almost cramp free periods. I am pregnant now with our first baby and I just ordered my postpartum stash! Pietra gave me her suggestions on what I should add to my stash. I got some larger pads than what I already had, some raw silk liners they help with postpartum healing, some nursing pads, and some natural obv mittens for the baby! I am so excited to try everything out! Thank you a million Pietra!
I just wanted to share how much I LOVE these pads. I recently made the switch to cloth and am finding it so easy and such a nice way to make "that time of the month" something I almost look forward to rather than something to dread. I love having something so soft and pretty to wear, and it's wonderful to be able to have a variety of styles and absorbancies to choose from depending on what I need that day. Thanks so much for making such awesome products!
What an excellent product! How I wish I had always used cloth. The silk liners are AMAZING! And the bamboo with PUL backing is as trim and discrete as any disposable without the discomfort and smell you get with plastic pads. I ordered pads the size and style I used to have in disposables. The absorbancy is definately comparable if not better. I rinse immediately after use, throw in a mesh bag, and toss in my regular load of colors and have never had any stains. AWESOME! Also, you can order custom and pick out the fabric you love. Having something beautiful really helps. I have never had better customer service anywhere! Thanks Pietra and family!
Love these pads! I just switched to cloth a month ago, and cannot believe what a simple change it has been. In fact, I can\'t imagine going back to disposables ever again. H.E.R.Pads are soft, well made, and even beautiful. Thanks for a great product that is good for us and the environment.
I bought my first H.E.R Pads over a year ago and haven't used disposables since. I cloth diaper my sons and that got me thinking I should try cloth for myself as well. I purchased two separate custom slots several months apart and both purchases went very smoothly. I highly recommend H.E.R. Pads and urge anyone thinking about trying cloth to give it a try. Cloth is so much more comfortable, and I can honestly say that my flow is now lighter and shorter than it was before I made the switch.
I've only gotten to use my new mama cloth collection for one cycle I have a four-month-old and am breastfeeding, but the comfort contour pad I bought from your store was by far my favorite of all the different brands and types I've tried. I didn't realize how much I would prefer the fleece tabs instead of bigger wings. And it's certainly the prettiest in my stash -- I just love that soft, pretty hand-dyed bamboo velour! I will be back for more. :
Great products and service, thanks!
I LOVE your mama cloth! I was really skeptical at first that they would work as well as disposable products. I was afraid they would shift, leak, be bulky... but boy was I wrong! They are comfortable, pretty, not bulky at all. They don't, dont shift, don't stick to anything if you know what I mean. I am so thrilled with and confident in your products I am wearing them to work! Thanks!
I received my supersoaker nursing pads, and these are my new favorite nursing pads. I wish that I\'d had them from the beginning! They are so, so soft and very absorbant. Also, I can\'t wait to try out the rest of my order.
I absolutely love my custom order. Your pads are so soft, beautiful, comfy, and absorbent. I have a complete stash now with my custom and items I got during the sale. Thanks so much!