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I am in love with this mama cloth. I have tried several brands but, Homestead Emporium is by far the best! I will be buying my mama cloth only from you in the future! Thank you for such a wonderful product.
I recently purchased some of the ultimate pads and the ultimini\'s and couldn\'t be happier! They offered such great protection, and were so comfortable and soft. This was my first time using cloth pads, and I will never go back after finding your awesome design!
Just recieved my 2nd order of HE pads from a coop. I LOVE them! The Ultimini is my new favorite! Thank you so much!
I love them. They look even better here in front of me than they do in the pictures!
I am loving these. So beautiful and comfortable. Enough protection without being bulky. Thank You!
I just received my custom order order of 6 Endura Pads!!! I love them. The craftsman or should I say craftswomanship!!! is awesome. They are so beautiful! I am so thrilled to get these and will be placing a third order very shortly.
I have some breast pads and some wipes that I got from here a couple of months ago. They are awesome and SO soft and I love the colors. I highly recommend Homestead Emporium for all your womanly cloth needs. :
I *love* my pads and have been recommending them to all my friends. Wish I had discovered them years ago! Great customer service, too!
I purchased the Endura Pads and I love them. At first I wasnt sure but I used them and they are better than the other brands I bought. The other brands were Happy Heinys and Mommys Touch. The Endura pads stay in place are easy to care for and are an awesome pad. When Peitra has more materials i am purchasing more!!!
Just a thanks for such speedy delivery to Michigan & I can\'t wait to use these - beautiful workmanship, super soft! And the binky blanket is so adorable, this is perfect for my little guy when I\'m carrying him in my wrap & he can have his binky plus a softy to cuddle with! Thanks again & I will be back if I ever need anything else!
I just received my FFS EnduraPad and am SOOO impressed with the workmomship! It looks & feels great, now for AF to arrive i\'m nursing. I also ordered the Gnomes Pacifier Blanky and my 6mo old son LOVES it! I will definitely be ordering some tiny liners once the silk ones stock! thanks
Just to let you know, I loved the pad I ordered two weeks ago so much, I\'ve ordered more! I love the quality, efficiency and comfort of your pads, but most importantly they\'re gorgeous! Thanks so much :0 All the best.
I just received my second Her pad order last week, and I am absolutely ecstatic! I was pretty skeptical about using cloth pads at first, especially living in the dormitories. Then I read that I could wash them with my towel load, and I haven\'t looked back since! I love wearing the tiny liners for everyday pantyliners, and they are great for menstrual cup backup. They are so thin that I never feel them, and they have the perfect absorbency. I use comfort contour liners for my light days, and with the fleece backing I never ever get leaks. I love my goldfish menstrual cup bag too, it is so adorable! I\'ve even converted my mom! Thanks for offering such quality choices and comfortable, premium fabrics. I love that something so good for the environment is so great for me too! You have an amazing product, if only more people knew this option existed for them. Many Thanks! Sara Age 19
I just wanted to drop you a quick note about your products. I LOVE them! I have just gotten my first ppaf and your tiny liners saved the day for me. I was on my way to a business meeting and started and all I had was your liner on and no mess. Thank you so much for a great product and service. Lisa