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Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for making such a great product. I have now used the 2 Ultimate pads I purchased from you and being someone who needs a pad for a very heavy flow I can now say how fantastic your Ultimate pads are for exactly that. I really like how trim they are, soft and comfortable while being so absorbent. I will definitely be purchasing more Ultimate pads from you.
I am so impressed with H.E.and there products! I had several questions before I placed my order - she answered them very quickly and was incredibly thoughtful and thorough in her responses. I then placed my order, which was filled and arrived with lightening speed. And my Mama Pads arrived not a moment too soon! I was able to use them immediately, and I was so pleased! They are so comfortable! They are much \'fresher\' feeling than any store bought pad I\'ve ever used. They have cleaned up very well, and they do in fact, get softer and more comfortable with each washing. I can\'t wait for my budget to loosen a bit so I can add to my collection! Overall - this has been one of the best shopping experiences I\'ve ever had, and I am extremely pleased with the products! Thanks!
Homestead Emporium to the Rescue!!! I'm allergic to plastics, and could not wear the pads with waterproofing. Pietra custom made pads without the waterproofing and they are great. Oh so soft!!! Don't worry about leaking. She uses the best materials and are very absorbent. You will NOT find anything better!
OHHH YUM!!! I just got my pads now known as HomesteadEmporium Pads in the mail today, and they are REALY nice!!! Soft and comfy and delicious to look at! I highly recommend anyone wanting to try cloth pads give her a looksie. Thanks!!!!
I received my sample package and they are great!! The hemp pads with wings are my favorite. So soft and very comfortable. And they stay right where they are supposed to. I wish I had found them years ago.
I received my pads and I love them! They are the most comfortable that I have used and are really trim. The fabrics you used are soft and flexible, not stiff or bulky. I will definitely order more. Thank you.
Buy H.E.R Pads!!! I\'ve been wearing cloth pads for 5 years and none of them compare to Pietra\'s craftmanship. The best feature is that they are an all in one and she uses only quality materials. She will also accomodate to your specific needs. After searching for years for the \"perfect\" cloth pad, I finally found it!
I love your pads. I have 3 and I want more. Put Salt Lake City, Utah on your map. You know I will be back for more.
I have been using Homestead Emporium pads for almost a decade (first bought when they were Homemade Mama!), and have been extremely pleased with the quality. I finally replenished my stock earlier this year, which will allow me to get more life out of my 8+ year old stock!