Homestead Emporium Policies

flat rate shipping
flat rate shipping

Here at Homestead Emporium, each item is individually crafted in our home, by our family unless otherwise stated. Flawless perfection can only be achieved on an assembly line, and is not our intention. Minor variations to our products are to be expected on home sewn items. These minor imperfections and variations reinforce the fact that every article is made lovingly by hand, by our family, and is indeed unique.

We strive for beauty, yet function in all our products. If you have a problem with one of our items, please contact us. Due to the nature of most of our products, exchanges can only be made for items in the original packaging and must be received by us before a new item will be shipped out.

We ask that when you purchase from us, you keep in mind that you are purchasing from a family, not a large mass producing corporation. We always strive to do our very best and provide you with quality. We are human though, not machines, and occasionally make a mistake.

If you have a problem with one of our products, contact us .

We will not be aware of the problem unless you, our customer, tell us about it .

We fix our snaps, free of charge. Simply ship your Homestead Emporium product back to us (contact us first though!) and we will remove any defective snaps, and replace them with new ones.

We ask that our customers contact us if they are confused about any of our H.E.Reusable Pads Products. We can help you decide which size and/or style will be right for you.

We offer many styles and sizes, because so many women have different needs. This can also cause some confusion as to what's best for you though. We are here to help you try and decide which products will work best for YOU and your personal cycle.

We also recommend that you buy a couple of the pads you think will work well for you, and then try them first! If you are unsure, don't invest in a large quantity of pads until speaking with us first, or trying a few out.

Because of the nature of our H.E.Reusable Pad products, we can not offer refunds on these items unless they are still in their original packaging. Trying out a few, or a sample package, will help you decide if it's the right choice, before you purchase a whole set. We try to keep sample packages in stock fairly regularly to give you an opportunity to try them out first.

Lastly, we want to see you again! A very large percentage of our customer base is our repeat customers. We take pride in that, and would like to continue offering our customers the type of service that keeps them coming back!