Anyone who knows me well, knows I have an entrepreneurial drive. Of course, this means I love shows like the Dragons Den here in Canada, and the Shark Tank in the US.

This week, we finally get to watch our fellow Canadian pad making company, TreeHugger, on the Dragons Den!! To say I’m excited is to put it very mildly. Even my girls are excited! They know this business of making pads probably better than most, and they understand the heart, the blood, sweat and tears that goes into the making of a successful business in a ‘unique’ market! So it only makes sense that we are very anxious to see how TreeHugger’s pitch turns out on the show, TOMORROW NIGHT!
I know Crystal and her husband have been waiting a LONG time to finally be able to share their pitch with the world! This is big news in the pad making industry, especially for Canada! Just think of how many people will be hearing about cloth pads for the very first time! It’s very exciting!!

Would I want to be on the Dragon’s Den? This is something my girls asked me. My answer; No, I really commend Crystal and her husband for stepping out! It’s a huge step. Even IF they did not make a deal, this is huge for their business! It takes a lot of work to prepare for this! I’ve messaged with Crystal about the show, and I know they’ve been working around the clock to prepare their website and everything behind the scenes for the upcoming show!

Julia (our daughter) says she would go on the Dragon’s Den. She’s brave like that. lol

The work isn’t the reason I wouldn’t want to be on Dragon’s Den though. It’s simply not how we vision our business growing, right now. For us, our ‘business plan’ is different from most. Our business supports our family along with my husband’s full time job. I began this business to bring in an income that allows me to stay at home, homeschool our children, AND, allows our family to achieve our dream of homesteading. All of these things have had to balance. Home, Homeschooling, Homesteading, AND Home Business. It’s been a very difficult balance, with the Home Business tipping the scales a LOT, most of the time. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. We love what we do and we just continue to strive for that even balance!


However, just because it’s not my desire to grow in leaps and bounds overnight by appearing on a show like the Dragon’s Den, does not mean we’re stagnant. Far from it! We’re simply interested in growing more at the rate of our children’s growth. Day by day, week by week, year by year. Just as children seem to grow slowly at the time it’s happening, before you know it, they are adults, out the door, and on their own! That’s how our business is. It seems to grow slowly at the moment, yet over the years it’s become bigger than we ever could have dreamed. I expect that will continue.

Our younger three daughters are getting older (Shaylah & Julia just turned 15 in Dec. and Elsa just turned 17 this month), and as the girls mature, they seem to find their own niche within the business, and that area of the business begins to grow. They also come alongside where ever help is needed, and that allows more growth. That is exactly how we’ve planned, and hoped, it would be from the very beginning. Each person joining in where they desire, and where their talents fit.

Right now, the growth for all three is in helping with dyeing fabrics as a new side adventure. Julia has also become a lot more involved in the day to day running of the business. She has now officially become Homestead Emporium’sAssistant Manager“. Quite the title for a 15 year old, but she’s ready for it. I’ve always said she has plans to take over one day!

Even Alesia, our eldest daughter who is now married and lives 2 hours away, is planning to come back to work part time for Homestead Emporium. Alesia worked alongside me for many years! It’s wonderful to be able to welcome her back again, even if it is part time, and only online for now. Perhaps that will change and she will have time for a bigger role in the business again too. Maybe when children come along in the future once her husband has completed his schooling. The skies the limit really, only time will tell! Things always have a way of working out really well within this business, for everyone involved.

For now, we love watching the business grow at a rate that works well for our family, and our homestead. We have our wonderful helper Wendy and her husband Ryan, constantly working behind the scenes! I’m lost when it comes to a lot of the webwork etc. and I love that even Wendy can work from her home, as it fits into her family’s schedule! That’s what this business is all about. So yes, we are growing, but I guess you could say in a more ‘organic‘ way. Like the tortoise, we’re slow and steady… and that’s ok with me. I’m all about enjoying life along the way, and striving towards that balance each and every day!

If you don’t have cable tv, be sure to check out the episode, it should be right online here either during, or right after the show is on tv:

We really hope to be watching direct tomorrow evening, but we’ll pvr it just in case we get too busy sewing here in our own home business!

How about you, will you be watching the Dragon’s Den tomorrow night?