When I was first married, I was quite terrified of making soup. Can you believe that?

My husband grew up living close to both sets of grandparents. I often heard his stories of his grandmothers wonderful homemade soups, her cookies, and not to mention her pies, which I have yet to master…

I had a hard act to follow and homemade soup simply seemed so scary!

Today, as I pulled my homemade turkey bone broth from the freezer, and then added in our homegrown corn, celery, onions, garlic, and tomatoes, I realized just how far I’ve come since those first years.


Now I love to make homemade soups! The thought of tossing all that homegrown goodness into my crockpot to stew all day…it just makes me feel so good inside.FullSizeRender

And I don’t share this to ‘brag’. Oh no, not at all! I share this to show you that if I can do it, you can do it too! If you feel intimidated by homemade soups and you reach for a can instead, search the Internet for “very easy homemade soup recipes” and do some quick browsing. Start out with the real basics. I did! I think you’ll be surprised at what you can do, and how quickly and easily you can learn!

Before you know it you’ll be feeling all proud of your homemade soups too! And if you don’t garden already, you’ll get the urge to begin! Even if it’s some celery and tomatoes in pots on your city balcony! You’ll see. 

Gardening and home cooking is addicting. Next you’ll be wanting to move to a homestead out on the prairies… Oh wait, that’s my story…