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What are the measurements for H.E.R. pads?

Winged Pad Measurements

H.E.R.Pads wrap around wings offer extra protection against leaks. Please consider this when choosing which pad you feel is best suited for your flow. Those with a heavier menstrual flow usually have better success with wrap around wing protection.

Name Approx Length Approx Width
(when snapped around undies)
Panty Wraps
7 inches 2.25 inches when snapped around your undies
Light Pad/Panty Liner with wings
8 inches 2.75 inches
Medium Winged Pad
9.5 inches 3 inches
Heavy Winged Pad
11 inches 4 inches when snapped at the widest setting
3.5 inches when snapped at the second snap setting
Ultimate Pad
16 inches 8 inches at the widest parts
4 inches when snapped around the undies at the widest snap setting
3.5 inches wide when snapped at the second snap setting

Comfort Contour Pad Measurements with or without wings

These wings are attached at the back and do not add any extra width to the pads, or any extra protection around the sides of your undies. Please consider this when choosing the best pad for your flow.

Name Approx Length Approx Width
(when snapped around undies)
Tiny Liner
6 inches 2 inches in the narrow center
Light Pad
8 inches 2 inches
Medium Pad
9.5 inches 2.25 inches
Ultimate Regular Flow Pad
9.5 inches 2.5 inches in the narrow center
Heavy Pad
11 inches 3 inches wide in the narrow center
Ultimate Heavy Flow Pad
11 inches 3 inches in the narrow center
Ultimate Pad II
13 inches 3.5 inches wide in the narrow center
7 inches wide at the widest parts

Why do you make so many different sizes?

I get asked this question quite often. For those who are new to using cloth pads, it can be quite confusing with all the choices. To answer the question very simply, I use so many fabrics and sizes, because all of us are so different and unique!

To explain the differences, here are some tips.

If you have a very heavy flow, you will want to use a heavier pad like H.E.R. Heavy Pads with wrap around wings, or our Ultimate pad line. These are especially great for a heavy flow at night. The Heavy Pad size is usually sufficient for day time use, and the Ultimate II pad or Ultimate Pad is more for night time use or for post partum use during a very heavy flow.

H.E.R.Pads Medium sized pad is similar in size to a store bought disposable pad. This size is wonderful for regular flow days. Often the winged medium pads are sufficient enough for those with a regular flow even on their heaviest days.

H.E.R.Pads Light Pad/Pantyliner is best for light days, when the flow is almost over or for daily protection. This size also works great as a back up to the diva or keeper cup.

Many of us have minor 'leaking' problems when we cough, or sneeze etc., pantyliners can be a wonderful help to those of us who need it. If you've never tried cloth, but would like to, I will often suggest giving the pantyliners a try. Most often, you will never go back to disposables once you make that first step!

H.E.R.Pads tiny liners and pantywraps are also great for daily protection and our waterproof light pads, tiny liners or pantywraps will usually be all you need as a back up for a menstrual cup and daily 'sneeze' protection.

Please take note of the tiny liner and 7 inch pantywraps size though. For some, it is just perfect and exactly what they need! For others, it's a bit too small. It really comes down to preference though, and not really body shape or body size etc.

Why do you use so many different fabrics?

All of us love different fabrics for different reasons. Some love organic. Plain and simple. Don't bother them with choices, colors, different textures etc., they want organic and that's their favorite choice!

Others love flannel, 100 percent cotton. Flannel can often be found in so many wonderful prints and colors. It can really make for a wonderfully fun pad! I love all the choices of flannel fabrics I can find to offer my customers. Flannel is a great fabric for mama pads.

Organic Velours such as Organic Cotton Velour, Organic Hemp Velour and Bamboo Velour, and other lucious fabrics also make for wonderfully fun, and comfortable menstrual pads! My personal favorite is any organic velours. With it's soft silky texture, yet wonderful breathability it offers comfort and a beautiful pad.

Often I can find velours in rich bold colors that I just love or beautifully hand dyed by other WAHM's (work-at-home-moms).

Windpro, a high quality waterproof Fleece and PUL can both come in all kinds of weights, colors and prints. These are a favorite of many, yet others don't care for them at all. Fleece and PUL are not 'natural' fabrics. Most waterproof fleece is made with 'plastics', but it is soft and it does not stain like other fabrics can. PUL and Windpro Fleece are used as a waterproof back layer here at Homestead Emporium. The 'plastic' side of PUL is hidden within the pad, leaving a 'cotton' side as the side against your undies. PUL is loved by many as a backing for pads because of the security it provides against leaks, and it's the most trim waterproof fabric I have found. H.E.R.Pads PUL pads are also the thinnest pads. These pads will almost NEVER leak and are a favorite choice of working women, or for anyone while they are out and about during their monthly. I always like to have several pads with PUL backing for days that I run errands and I'm not sure how long I'll be out. I also keep a pad with PUL in my purse at all times, just in case.

Silk! What a wonderful fabric for Cloth Liners! Silk is well known for it's antibacterial properties, and for aiding in the healing of yeast infections. Many women are plagued with yeast infections, especially just before their monthly. Silk liners can offer great relief, and of course they are so beautiful as well! Silk is simply one of the most luxurious fabrics I work with! If you have real issues with yeast infections and need help during your monthly as well, I can take special custom orders for raw silk Medium pads and Heavy Pads. Feel free to contact me for more information. The yeast battle can be a real problem for some women, and I'm here to help you.

When it comes to choosing the right fabric for your specific needs, most often it simply boils down to preference. The biggest difference in fabrics though, is staining. If you prefer absolutely no staining at all, then you will probably prefer darker fabrics or velours and fleece fabrics as they are the least likely to stain.

Often customers will ask me which fabrics are the most absorbent, and the best ones to prevent any leaking. In my years of experience with fabrics, I've come to know which fabrics work best and which need a little extra help. I keep all this information in mind while making each pad. If I am using a fabric for the top layer that is not quite as absorbent as another fabric, then I am sure to add a layer of very absorbent fabric under the top layer to provide that extra help! From my personal experience, the hemp fabrics and organic cotton velour are about the most absorbant. Bamboo velour is a VERY close second. Then flannels. Top layers such as minke are not an absorbant top layer and do require an extra absorbant layer under them. This causes them to be not quite as trim as our velour topped pads.

I want to give my customers confidence in simply choosing the fabrics that they prefer. The unique inner design of each H.E.R.Pads will keep you well protected during your cycle, whether you prefer fun and funky pads, lucious velours, or your preference is for wonderfully basic & natural organic pads.

Your biggest decision will be to decide what you'll like best and which style & size will work best for you and your flow!

If you have questions, feel free to contact me and I can discuss which would work best for your particular needs.

How many cloth pads do I need?

Every woman's cycle/cloth needs experience can be different. Personally, I suggest first deciding how often you will be able to wash the pads, and then going from there. If you are able to wash your pads about every second day, this is going to cut down greatly on the amount of pads you'll need.

I usually suggest something like this:

  1. 4 of our heavy pads for overnight and heavy flow days, these can be the heavy wrap wing, ultimate heavy flow, ultimini, etc
  2. 6-10 regular flow pads (our 9.5 inch variety) for regular flow days
  3. 2-6 light pads, depending on if you use a liner/light pad for regular daily protection or if you enjoy having a light pad for those days when you're waiting for your monthly to start, or when your monthly is pretty much over, but you're wanting a little protection 'just in case'.

Are winged pads or comfort contour pads better for me?

If you have a fairly heavy flow, I suggest choosing mostly wrap around wing style pads. These offer a bit more protection against sudden 'gushing' or heavy flow.

The contour pads are wonderful if your flow isn't really heavy and you want something that is trim, without the slight extra 'bulk' of a wrap around wing pad.

It really comes down to personal preference as well. Some women LOVE the comfort contour pads, because they just want the little tab style wings to hold their pads to their undies, but they don't want the extra wrap around wings. Others LOVE the wrap around wings because it gives them added security in their protection. For women who need that extra protection, it gives them great peace of mind to have wrap around wings even if they are a tad bit bulkier around the undies.

Do I need to be concerned about cloths pads leaking?

With both winged pads and comfort contour pads, we do try and keep all our pads as trim as possible while still being very absorbant. For women who work out of the home or have a lot of outside the home activities, we suggest having at least a few PUL backed pads, or EnduraPads in their stash. These will be more discreet in slacks/jeans etc., yet they are just as waterproof as our waterproof fleece backed pads. This means a trim pad, yet leakproof protection! Some women don't care for PUL because they feel it's too much like a disposable ( PUL is a plastic laminated fabric, with the laminate on the hidden side), but again, other women (including myself!) love it because it's so trim and creates a very trim, yet highly protective pad.

For women who have an extremely heavy flow, or who move around a lot at night and end up with 'leaks' on their bedding etc., these women absolutely LOVE our Ultimate and/or Ultimate II pads for the extra protection and coverage they provide. If you have issues with leaking at night, these are something to consider adding to your pad collection. Most women only need one for each of their heaviest nights.

For backing fabrics, we do use pul at times but our favorite is our waterproof fleece. We only use windpro for it`s top quality and waterproof-ness. Regular fleece is only water resistant and can leak with heavy flow. You can read more about our backing fabrics here: Waterproof Fabrics? Tell me more....