*This is a repost of an older blog post from when we were still back on the West Coast, we’ve since moved to the prairies but not much has changed except our work space is completely different, and Alesia no longer works for me, Julia does now, along with the occasional help from Elsa. Shaylah helps where she can too. The girls are no longer little as in the photos, but 15 & 17. I also have another helper, Wendy, who does all our product listings and webwork with the help of her fantastic husband Ryan. 

The making of a product, in photos and a few words, here on the blog.

The very first step is to wash, and then dye, the top layer fabrics. Mostly bamboo velour, but sometimes organic cotton velour, bamboo fleece and even silk. I also wash & dry all the inner fabrics, a couple of times, on hot, to ensure they will not shrink after we have created our products, and you’ve received them!

This is one of my favorite parts. Time consuming, yes, but oh SO much fun!
I LOVE playing with color!

Once the fabric is dyed, I cut out each and every top layer. The prettiest part of the pad!
Julia has begun helping with this part now, but we usually kind of argue over who gets to cut the pad tops that week. We both love the job, especially when we have dyed new fabrics! It is so rewarding to be a part of beautiful fabrics become products!

From there, Julia cuts the inner layers and the backing layers.

I let her know which backing layer is needed for each top cut, and away she goes, leaving me with something that looks like this.

Then I sew up each one. Sewing and serging where needed!

Until I have a nice big stack that looks something like this!

From there, the snaps are put on by our son, usually each Wednesday. He works 8-10 Monday to Friday as a heavy duty mechanic apprentice and often has other jobs working for farmers etc. so occasionally I have to wait until he has time… I am blessed to have his help though, so I try not to complain. 😉

Threads are snipped off , Elsa usually does this job, along with using a lint roller to make sure all the fluffs from the cut fabrics are cleaned off.

Snaps are randomly tested.
(We try our best to test every one, but some days get very busy.)

After that, it’s time for photos! See my expensive set up? Ha!
Ironing board near the window, and white poster/card board thingy. It may not be fancy, but it works.

The products are then put into the hyenacart shop for sale each Friday, and some make their way to our etsy shop throughout the rest of the week.

From there, once ordered by our awesome customers, they are packaged into clear bags.

Then packaged into their poly mailers to keep everything well protected.Shipping and custom labels put on.

And away they go to each of you, with an email sent off to you to let you know that your package is on it’s way!

And that is the making of a product (or two, or three, or two hundred), here at Homestead Emporium!