We finished planting the garden last week, so I thought I’d take a moment to write down all we’ve planted this year. To one who has no interest in gardening, this will seem long and boring. If you are learning about gardening, this may be of interest. This is just our 3rd year planting on the homestead and we are learning as we go.

On the left closest to the garden ‘gate’ we have rows of potatoes. 10 rows of aprox. 21 hills.
We planted Yukon Gold, Russet, Purple Russian (these stay purple even cooked!) and Banana potatoes.

We grew each of these from our own potatoes. This was our first time successfully storing potatoes all winter. We still have enough to get us through to harvest, and I was able to sell enough seed potatoes locally to fund the purchase of all my starter plants from our local greenhouse.

Last fall I was able to sell enough green tomatoes to pay for my spring seed order. One goal we have here on the homestead is to find ways for everything to pay for itself. This year the garden did just that!

Back to the planting.
Beside the rows of potatoes, we planted 190 garlic in 2 rows.

Next we planted aprox 330 onions in 3 rows.

Then we have a variety of tomatoes. Mostly Romas for sauces and paste. Between a few of our tomato rows we put down garden cloth. This year we are going to attempt growing sweet potatoes. We’ll see how that goes. We’ve also planted celery at the end of one of these rows. The 2 plants grew so well last time that we planted 6 this year.


Next to the tomatoes are peppers. Then we have green ‘bush’ beans, purple ‘bush’ beans and sugar snap peas. I haven’t had much success with long beans yet (broad/favas grow great for me, as do Sugar Ann/Snap peas) so we moved them to a less weedy area in hopes that they will have a better chance this year. We don’t use weed killers of any kind, so it’s our biggest battle each year.

Along the fence I planted our broad/fava beans. Then we have our rhubarb patch. I added 2 more rhubarb plants this year. Next to that is a row of strawberries from last year, then a row of asparagus that is new this year. A second row of strawberries, also new this year. And next year we’ll add another row of asparagus.

Then we have our salad section.
Four varieties of lettuce, including romain, buttercrunch and a colourful leaf variety, then kale, 2 types of spinach, radishes and bunch onions.

And lastly on the left side, 3 Haskap bushes, and a plot of dill.

This has gotten long. I’ll finish up what we planted on the others side, next time. 🙂