This is the question I’ve asked a few times on my FB & IG pages.

I thought I’d share the answers here on the blog because there’s close to 100 comments!
If you ever wondered why anyone would want to make the switch to cloth pads, here’s a whole bunch of answers from those who did indeed make that switch!

Some answers are short, other answers are more detailed. If you’ve been curious about making the switch but just aren’t quite sure, perhaps these comments can help you decide for yourself.
And then once you’ve decided it’s worth a try, send me an email at HomesteadEmporium(AT) so we can discuss exactly what pads would work best for your own personal needs!

After over 18 years of creating and shipping cloth pads around the world, believe me, there’s no ‘too much information’ questions or comments when chatting with me. I’m here to help you make that first step, and to make it a successful one!


It’s comfortable and they’re super absorbent and soft and you can get cool patterns and different fabrics and sizes and they’re just so much better.

Latex free = rash free

Yes! ^^^^what she said….no rashes!

I LOVE my mama cloth.

I noticed with cloth pads my periods were lighter and my cramping majorly decreased. With having PCOS and speaking with my doctor they agreed it was from the switch away from all the harsh chemicals put into disposables

Less cramps BY FAR! It’s incredible.

Never run out

Health, comfort, safety, responsibility

No itchy or sweaty feeling

No more chafing. You never need to make an emergency run to the store.

For the environment because I have light flow for days. I still use disposable during heavy flow times. But after that I use cloths.

If you have sensitive skin it’s a GAME CHANGER. I’ll never go back to anything other than cloth.

Better for the environment, and very comfy. Easy to wash. Saves you money.

Yes! All of these!


They don’t really reek too much 

Gentle on the yaya

My cycle doesn’t kill me like it used to (lighter flow, almost no cramps anymore, consistent flow, and sometimes shorter week)

In the beginning I bought them to be more eco friendly. But now, I cramp more with store bought. And my ph doesn’t get out of balance with my reusable pads. I’ll never go back if I can help it.

definitely comfortable. after many years of using cloth pads, in time of emergency and disposable ones are available, you will realise how it scratches your skin.

Savings, no chemicals and you have the cutest patterns available.

More comfortable, healthy economical and eco-friendly. No more hot, sweaty, smelly crotch; no more adhesive pulling out hairs; no more gross trash can full of waste; no more buying bulky, wasteful chemical junk. Plus, they’re cute and soothingly comfy on my lady parts.

Comfy on my lady bits

Because the “regular” pads started causing ingrown hairs and heat rashes even with frequent changes.

It’s not just saving the planet and my body. To me, using reusable menstrual products in my life is about fighting back against “the man” lol. The big companies that think it’s okay to destroy the planet, your body, your wallet to say they know what you need. To tell you they tested for what is safe when their tests have proven again and again to be incorrect and their products continue to test for pesticides and other severe toxins. Even organic brands. I’m tired of supporting the same 5-10 companies that own the whole world and the more research you do, the more disappointing it becomes to see how much they truly own and control. Reusables and cloth to me equal freedom, and often times supporting small business if you’re doing it right 🙂

I started off with a cup, then started using cloth liners, and now I have a big stash that lasts me a whole week. 

My reasons: I feel like I am taking back control and ownership of my body by using reusable products, especially because I make a lot of my own stash. 

I have saved so much money, and I feel a lot less gross at that time of the month.

I was allergic to disposable diapers and had to be cloth diapered. My teenage years were hell because I would get rashes from the pads and tampons. I was shelling out loads of cash for organic cotton. Then I watched my cousin cloth diaper the baby and it struck me that if there’s a bunch of ladies making cloth diapers on Etsy surely someone has made cloth pads. And I have never looked back. I’ve come to feel like the reusable menstrual product Jehovah witness because I tell everyone about cloth pads and cups.

The chemicals in disposables alone can cause infertility.

I save so much money. I have the same ones I bought in 2012/2013.

Cloth diapering my daughters led me here! I love the sustainability and comfort. Hoping my cramps will improve, too!

I started for many (most) of the mentioned reasons. However, my favorite…I bought your pads 9 or 10 YEARS ago. They are just now starting to have wear along the seams. They are still as absorbent as the day I got them. Talk about money saved!

I have noticed a huge difference in my period,  as in little to no cramping. Shorter periods, more comfortable periods. Then for the environmental standpoint to how easy it is to care and clean the pads.  I never knew these were an option until I saw one of my sister in laws pads and I was like omg I have to try these and they seriously have changed my period and overall health.  

So comfortable, along with my cup. No going back.

So comfortable, and you get so much more adept at managing your own flow.

I was tired of throwing money away on something that didn’t work worth a crap anyways so I did some research and when i found out about all the chemicals they release omg I was stunned I switched that day and my cycles have been better ever since and A LOT less cramping I’ll recommend cloth to anyone 🙂

To not leave a plastic trail of our sanitary products long after we have turned to dust.  Plus I find my flow is more even.  

Environment, price, and comfort!

Save money in the long run, no unknown chemicals.

They are beautiful! 

I look forward to using them.

No waste from disposable pads/tampons.

Because all the cool kids are doing it

Something in disposable pads always gave me terrible rashes. No problems with cloth!

Much more comfortable, economical, environmental.

To avoid toxic chemicals used to make disposable pads. Lessen the amount of plastic we use.

I have had a vulvectomy, cloth is the only comfortable safe product for me.

Less heavy bleeding and cramping. Also, no rashes!

I began having itchiness/rash every cycle due to the materials and chemicals used in disposable pads, and needless to say that was extremely uncomfortable. Cloth pads solved that problem, and I also only bleed for 4-5 days now instead of 6-7.

Reduced waste, reduced shopping, and the savings. They’re also much more comfortable.

Latex allergy, but they’re better for the environment, way more comfortable and so much cuter!

Shorter and less heavy periods, cheaper! Eco friendly,, comfortable, easy to use

I have an IUD, so I don’t get proper periods, but I’ll have spotting at semi-random times. It feels so wasteful to wear a disposable liner for a few spots–cloth is much more sustainable!

It helps Endometriosis.  Shorter less painful cycles.

Saves money and the environment! I haven’t bought tampons or pads in years since I switched to a cup and cloth liners.

Better for the environment, easier to use, they look pretty so you don’t feel so gross when it’s that time, can make periods shorter (it did for me by 2 days), also heard it makes some flows less but I didn’t experience that. They overall are just nicer and comfier

I have used a lot of the same ones for 7.5 years now! I say I have saved so much money!

My periods have lessened in heaviness, and my prolapse symptoms have seriously decreased as well since starting to use cloth.

No nasty chemicals, personally I have experienced lighter periods, where as before when I used “conventional” pads, my periods were ridiculously heavy

I use cloth for comfort. Disposables gave me rashes and Burns. I thought that was a normal part of period pains.

Cloth is worth it for comfort alone

Way way more comfortable than disposable ones.

Comfort and cost … I have not bought pads in over 5 years

So soft! Never buy pads again; mine have lasted 15 years so far. No chemicals. Comfy!

cause they’re soft on your foof, yours were my favourite post partum and they were snapped up when I put them up for sale!

Because conventional ones leak and feel like your wearing plastic. Cloth is like one small thing we can control during our period.

They don’t have adhesive that sticks to your lady bits.

Less chemicals next to your body. And good for the environment.

Comfort. Environmental factor. Money savings.

because in short: 10 day periods?? NOPE! CLOTH GAVE ME 3-4 DAYS! I just finished my period and it was barely 3 days!!!

Reduces severe cramps!

It’s healthier and more comfortable.

Money saver!   Absolutely!

Comfort, no chemicals and $

Less skin irritations

1. Supporting WAHM business. 
2. Super Cute and often one offs. 
3. Once I tried a few I was able to find out exactly what I needed shape wise. Now perfect protection. 
4. So comfy. No chemical drag. Reduced cramping as nothing drawn out of the body.
5. They stay in place. None of that awful misshapen squashed pads. I genuinely feel that disposable products are inferior to the point of not adequate for my needs. 
6. You never run out. 
7. I learned to make my own and got my ‘sew-jo’ back. I’m still a pad-a-holic though so keep buying them 
8. Joined a lovely community. 
9. I may be silly but I look forward to choosing my prints. I love seeing them drying. My boys love them and it’s really opened up the conversation about periods in a way that I hope will make my boys better informed allies to their girl friends / girlfriends. 
10. I came to cloth after losing a twin then my waters early in pregnancy. To say that they saved my sanity is no exaggeration. They brought me happiness during an awful time (unable to use any tampons due to risks). My surviving twin is here but left me with a weak bladder. Having a gorgeous collection of pads I can choose from daily makes me feel confident to go out, that improves my health and quickens my recovery. 
Yay cloth pads.
10.a) oh and for some reason they make me feel empowered and liberated. I have become aware of the changes in my flow. I understand my body more. I also feel so much more open talking to my husband about it.

Faaar less period cramps, they feel good, they look good, it´s fun to buy them. 🙂 Less waste.

Oh so comfy!

Comfort and cuteness lol

Way more comfortable.
Now that you’ve had a chance to read that whole long list of reasons why someone should make the switch to cloth pads, if you’re even more curious about making the switch, send me an email at HomesteadEmporium(AT) so we can discuss exactly what pads would work best for your own personal needs!