Gardening season will soon be upon us!

I feel the rush of spring heading towards me at full speed. So much to do, so little time!

It’s quite funny really. Winter seems long on the calendar, yet always tends to go by too quickly for all that I want to accomplish during those ‘slow’ months. At this time of year, now that we are living on the prairies, my facebook feed starts to fill with garden photos from warmer climates such as Vancouver Island, where we moved from. Flowers, fruit trees, tomatoes, all sorts of things already growing well elsewhere, yet my own garden is no where near ready to be worked, let alone growing. We just had yet another dump of snow last week. Today is the first day we are seeing grass in many areas on our homestead, and there’s still many well protected treed areas that still have quite a bit of snow. 🙂


Yet, in all honesty I don’t mind.
While my heart pulls towards the photos showing plants in full bloom, my mind knows I just don’t have the time to be in the garden for any more months then May-September. It suits my lifestyle, as I find the winters a great time to catch up on all the crafts, and inside work, that I have absolutely no time for all spring/summer/fall. I enjoy the quiet of the winter days, especially during the late sunrise mornings when I can go for a long walk before the kids wake up for school, and see the full colour spectrum of the sunrise without needing to wake before 5am to do so.

Now that spring is in full swing, it’s time to start getting up much earrlier if I even stand a chance to enjoy my morning walk during the sunrise.


Soon it will be time to plant, weed, and work the dirt! I do love gardening!
I just need to become better at time management balancing all the homestead things, while keeping my head above water with the business. That is a goal I have set for this summer. To keep things running smoothly between our camping trips, animal births, and all the other things summer brings upon us such as out building reno’s, haying, etc..

My hope is to have less ‘rushing’ and more ‘enjoying slowly’ this summer too.

It’s a high hope though, but not one that need be impossible!

How about you? How does spring make you feel? Are you excited for the change in season?